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Bowling in short bursts will help Ishant : Courtney Walsh

Bowling in short bursts will help Ishant : Courtney Walsh

Former Caribbean pace attack leader, Courtney Walsh, thinks that working harder at the needs is a key element for Ishant Sharma to overcome all his flaws in bowling. The old Jamaican fast bowler gave insight into the bowling capabilities of the Indian pacer. Walsh quoted, “I have not seen Umesh much so, I would not be able to comment but I feel Ishant can improve if he works harder at the nets. It’s very important to maintain a high level of consistency in international cricket. You need to consistently hit the right areas and that can only happen if you are able to consistently do it in the nets.”
Ishant Sharma is the key fast bowler of the Indian squad when it comes to Tests. He has taken 187 wickets from 62 Tests at an average of 37.43 in his bowling figures. He has led the Indian side to many famous victories in Tests, like the one at Lords last year. But still, there has been times when he lacked consistency and that is the main reason for India’s woes.
The experienced West Indies bowler told that, “You cannot just walk into a match situation and do all necessary corrections there. You need to know what are the specific areas that you need to work on. Once you have perfected it in the nets, you can implement that in matches.” He also advised Ishant to bowl in short bursts saying that, “Pace is a very natural phenomenon. You need good height and built to bowl fast (Malcolm Marshall was an exception). One needs to be supremely fit to bowl fast. I believe a pace bowler’s ideal spell in a Test match should be five to six overs. That’s the ideal thing.”
Courtney Walsh, a star bowler in his 17-year- long career, scalped as many as 519 Test and 227 ODI wickets. He is hopeful that the Caribbean side will regain its old glorious times soon. He said, “I do not think our cupboard is bare. There are a few youngsters coming up through the ranks.”

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