“My Focus Is on Creating Generational Wealth and…” – Floyd Mayweather on His $250M Investment Partnership With Alexander ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez

Published 05/18/2022, 3:00 PM EDT

The legendary boxer, Floyd Mayweather, has a strong wealth with him along with his legacy in boxing. Now, ‘Money’ Mayweather has pitched his $250 million with the former MLB star, Alexander ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez in his new investment. 


Mayweather has stepped into the real estate business by investing in the giant company, CGI. Likewise, the former MLB star Rodrigues is one of such investors as Mayweather. 


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According to Forbes, ‘Pretty Boy,’ said, “My focus is on creating generational wealth and doing it with partners that share my values and drive for excellence.”

“The partnership will have an impact on the lives of athletes and others who invest in the platform by helping them learn and create generational wealth.”

Moreover, Mayweather described his reason for investing in a business that is quite a new vertical for him. He said, “After getting to know CGI, I saw an opportunity to collaborate and share with other athletes and friends my ambition of establishing long-term wealth outside of sports through real estate investing.”

Mayweather has a perception that he is motivating other athletes to create a generational wealth like him. He thinks that if other athletes invest like him, it will help them to fetch a lot of money. 

 How did Floyd Mayweather create his generational wealth?

‘Pretty Boy’ has a current net worth of $450 million, which he earned through various sources of income. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Mayweather earned around $1.022 billion from his fight purses. 

Significantly, his biggest fight purses are $300 million against the UFC legend, Conor McGregor. Likewise, he also earned a whopping sum of $250 million when he fought against Filipino legend, Manny Pacquiao. 

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Apart from his fight purses, Mayweather has invested in other businesses as well. He invested in public entertainment facilities like Girl Collection, and Skate Rock City.


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Other than this. Mayweather also owns Mayweather Promotions, The Money Team, The Money Team Racing, and Mayweather Boxing + Fitness, which adds a good amount of money to his bank account that helps him pay his bills for all his luxurious demands.

Now, that ‘Pretty Boy’ has paved a new type of venture with A-Rod, it seems that he will earn more money, which will contribute to his net worth. Also, with this investment, he might encourage other athletes to invest for better returns.


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