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Oleksandr Usyk will be hearing a lot more of these, from a lot more people. But for now, Joe Rogan is among the first people to congratulate the new undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. In one of the craziest exchanges in a boxing match, Tyson Fury and Usyk battled it out years after the fight was originally proposed. 

The fight in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, saw several ups and downs in the brief span of twelve rounds. While Usyk started strong, ‘The Gypsy King’ ruled over the middle rounds, but like a thriller movie, the Ukrainian made yet another comeback, nearly knocking down Fury in the ninth round, to win the fight via split decision at the end. So, moments later, the Joe Rogan Experience podcast host took to Instagram, congratulating the new champion.

Oleksandr Usyk agrees to rematch


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Seeing the historic fight unfold, Rogan wrote, “What a fight! Congratulations to @usykaa for winning the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship of the world!” Usyk is the first undisputed heavyweight champion of the 21st century, and, of course, the first one in the last twenty-plus years. Despite Fury’s loss, which he claimed was a robbery, Rogan didn’t forget to mention him.

“And huge props to @tysonfury for not just surviving the 9th round but coming back strong. No one recovers from being rocked like Fury. He’s truly got the heart of a champion,” Rogan wrote. To finish it off, he said something every boxing fan can agree with, “I can’t wait for the rematch!” Fortunately, during the post-fight interview, Usyk agreed to such a clash in the future. Regardless, fans quickly swarmed the post, screaming controversy! 

Fan alleges referee helped Tyson Fury recover

Having witnessed the biggest fight unfold, a plethora of fans raced to express their disdain for the results and officiating of the fight. One user implicated the second judge, who scored the fight in Fury’s favor, questioning which fight they were watching. “Never a split decision, what fight was the 2nd judge watching,” exclaimed the user. Notably, the score for the fight looked something like this: Mike Fitzgerald – 113-114, Craig Metcalfe – 114-113, Manuel Oliver Palomo – 112-115.


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The next user echoed the same sentiment, suggesting the second judge must have been on drugs to have scored the fight to Fury. “The second judge that scored it to fury has been smoking DMT straight from the pipe,” wrote the user. However, Fury did make a solid comeback, but was it enough to sway one of the judges? It seems like it. 

Someone else explained their take on the fight by calling Fury’s performance embarrassing. “Embarrassing Tyson, embarrassing,” said a disappointed fan. Despite what people say, the fight was indeed neck to neck until the ninth round when Usyk nearly dropped Fury. Even so, Fury quickly adjusted and came back strong. 

Another user had the answer to how Fury was able to make a comeback from a near knockdown! “He recovered because the Ref let him,” the user opined. The user asserted that the referee helped Fury recover by stopping the exchange with seconds left in the fight. 


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The next user had the same idea, and condemned the referee for not stopping the fight, suggesting it should have been a ninth-round technical knockdown. “Should have been a TKO Rd 9 the ref saved fury,” wrote the user. However, such situations can be very stressful, and spur-of-the-moment decisions are often needed, and sometimes they can be wrong. 

Even though Oleksandr Usyk ended up winning the fight, fans aren’t satisfied because of the referee’s intervention that allegedly saved Tyson Fury, from a knockdown at least. Do you agree?