NBA Legend Shows His Admiration for Errol Spence Jr

Published 07/06/2023, 8:55 AM EDT

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USA Today via Reuters

Charles Oakley, the NBA powerhouse renowned for his robust defense, recently made headlines but not for the reason you think. The hardwood court didn’t host this surprise; instead, the reveal unfurled on the virtual platform of Instagram. The former New York Knicks star was found in the company of another renowned athlete, albeit from a different sports discipline.

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The image portrays Oakley standing side by side with an acclaimed figure from the boxing world, Errol Spence Jr., inside an unmistakable setting – an NBA stadium. Alongside the image, Oakley penned a caption that has piqued the curiosity of sports enthusiasts worldwide. What has prompted this unusual intersection of sports and what could be the intriguing message from the basketball legend?

Charles Oakley’s message for Errol Spence Jr.


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In the realm of social media, an Instagram story can often carry a momentary but impactful message, as proven by Charles Oakley’s recent post. The NBA legend, in his Instagram story, shared a memorable photo with Errol Spence Jr., the formidable boxer preparing for an imminent showdown against Terence Crawford. The background revealed an NBA stadium, bridging two distinct yet unified sporting worlds in one frame.

The photograph was indeed captivating, but it was Oakley’s words that grabbed the limelight. Beneath the image, he penned a heartfelt message for Spence Jr., a simple yet powerful endorsement – “@errolspencejr keep putting in that work.” Through this sentence, Oakley acknowledged the strenuous dedication required in professional sports, a sentiment undoubtedly familiar from his own experiences on the court.


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The post was a testament to Oakley’s respect for Spence Jr., who is an accomplished athlete in his field. With these words, Oakley underscored his admiration and offered his encouragement to Spence Jr. as he steps closer to the highly anticipated fight against Crawford.

Leonard Ellerbe commends ‘The Truth’ 

Leonard Ellerbe, a prominent figure in the boxing community, has been vocal about his admiration for Errol Spence Jr. Ellerbe applauds Spence’s physical prowess, especially highlighting the memorable training sessions Spence shared with boxing legend Floyd Mayweather. “Errol Spence Jr., he’s a tremendous fighter,” says Ellerbe, noting that Spence “gave Floyd some of the best work that he’s had.”

But Ellerbe’s lauding of Spence Jr. doesn’t end at the physical level. He delves deeper into the intellectual aspect of the sport. “He puts mental pressure on you,” states Ellerbe about Spence, adding, “It forces you to make a lot of mistakes.” Ellerbe’s insightful focus on the mental component of boxing enhances the anticipation around the Spence-Crawford showdown.

As we pull the curtain on this intriguing interplay between basketball and boxing, the powerful resonance of Charles Oakley’s endorsement for Errol Spence Jr. shines through. It serves as a testament to the brotherhood that exists within the realm of sports. Oakley’s words of encouragement not only showcase his admiration for Spence but also remind us of the grit required to compete at the highest level.

As Spence Jr. prepares for his much-anticipated showdown with Terence Crawford, the landscape of boxing continues to evolve and fascinate. The sport, much like basketball, is not merely a test of physical prowess but also a strategic battle of minds and mental endurance.

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