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“All That Money and Still…” – Fans Troll Jake Paul’s New Haircut

Published 07/15/2022, 10:12 AM EDT

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Jake Paul has been making headlines for the past few days because of his forthcoming fight on August 6. Fans have been anticipating this bout for months, as this is the first time Paul will face a “real fighter”. Paul is a massive internet celebrity, who is idolized and emulated for his sense of style. Fans believe that he may have overstepped the mark this time.

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Jake Paul and Hasim Rahman Jr. engaged in a verbal duel during the pre-fight news conference. Strong statements were made by both the combatants. The latter even called out Paul for making promises and then breaking them after discussing millions of dollars in bets before his bouts.


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Additionally, Paul has opted a new for a new hairstyle before his upcoming bout against Hasim Rahman Jr. Unfortunately for Paul, it wasn’t received well by the public.

Fans troll Jake Paul for his new haircut 

‘The Problem Child’ is no stranger to controversies since he entered boxing. Although he is a celebrity boxer, he has called out some of the biggest fighters for a potential bout. This certainly resulted in people raising questions about his abilities. Now, his new haircut is another topic that is making a buzz.

A fan wrote, “Y does Jake continuously purchase these terrible haircuts”


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The trolling went on to make hilarious assumptions about his hair, “juice making him lose his hair”

“Trying to make it look like its not receding”

“Damn Jakes barber did him dirty”


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“that haircut is atrocious”

“That is a horrible haircut”


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“All that money and stilll…”

Apparently, the 25-year-old’s new hairstyle has given fans a new way to troll the Youtuber. Nevertheless, the press conference evidently showed that both the combatants are eager to smash each other. The bout is going to take place on August 6, at the Madison Square Garden in New York City. Only time will tell how the fight plays out. Meanwhile, what do you think about Paul’s new haircut? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.  



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