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Anthony Joshua Makes Honest Confession On If He Ever Fell Out Of Love For Boxing “Never Had Too Much Time…”

Published 11/21/2023, 7:37 AM EST

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In the unforgiving world of boxing, where the sweet science meets the grit of determination, Anthony Joshua stands as a testament to unyielding passion. Has he ever fallen out of love with the sport that demands everything and gives no quarter? A resounding “no” echoes through his journey, which has been marked by consistent dedication and a refusal to step back.

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Joshua is set out to return to the ring on December 23rd. He has a lot of motivation, and according to him, he feels consistent about the sport. Furthermore, he recently gave a narrative of his career so far, devoid of sabbaticals, a tale woven through back-to-back clashes with world champions, and a declaration that transcends mere confidence – “I am a different breed.”

Anthony Joshua embraces the “New Dawn”


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Joshua’s story is not one of idle contemplation or leisurely hiatus. When asked if he had lost his love for boxing, the bruiser replied candidly, “No. It is consistent.” “I never had a year out, never had too much time off, I stood up to every opportunity. I fought back-to-back world champions, defended my titles.” Furthermore, he also does not believe in comparing himself to other boxers.

However, earlier this year, following his second defeat to Oleksandr Usyk and the emotional moment of surrendering three heavyweight belts, Anthony Joshua openly admitted that he continues to fight motivated by the desire to make money.


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In a moment of refreshing honesty, Joshua acknowledges the financial aspect as a driving force. Despite the setback against Usyk, Joshua is now a different man and fighter. Additionally, he looks forward to embracing the opportunity for a “new dawn” in his career.

The allure of boxing lies not just in the raw power of punches thrown but in the unwavering commitment to the craft. For Joshua, love for the sport isn’t a fleeting emotion; it’s a constant companion, a driving force that propels him to face world champions, one after another. Yet, as the world eagerly anticipated Joshua stepping into the ring against long-time rival Deontay Wilder, it appeared momentarily that they would indeed face each other there. However, it was later announced that they would be fighting on separate cards.

Deontay Wilder takes a dig at Joshua

In the lead-up to their co-headlined event on December 23 in Saudi Arabia, former two-time heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua and his longtime rival, Deontay Wilder, have engaged in a war of words. Joshua will face veteran contender Otto Wallin, while Wilder will confront former champion Joseph Parker. The possibility of a clash between Joshua and Wilder in the first half of 2024 looms if both emerge victorious.

Wilder has stirred controversy by suggesting that Joshua questions his identity. Further asserting that Eddie Hearn built Joshua into a champion and that he wasn’t born one. Wilder claims that Joshua had opportunities that he didn’t. Moreover, if given the same chances, he would have been the undisputed heavyweight champion years ago.


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Joshua vehemently disagrees. He dismisses Wilder as just a boxer, not a psychologist. Defending his identity, Joshua asserts that he expedited his journey to success more swiftly than Wilder. Thus underscoring his strength and solidity. With Wilder making a comeback after a year, marked by a last-bout knockout, the stage readies itself for an intense showdown both inside and outside the ring.


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In the arena of boxing, where narratives are often painted with broad strokes, Anthony Joshua’s story is a canvas of dedication, resilience, and an unwavering love for the sweet science. With every punch thrown and every title defended, he etches his place as a different breed.

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