Avni Yildirim: The Roots and Story of His Nationality

February 23, 2021 11:00 pm

Avni Yildirim, the super middleweight elite, has been a prime boxing prodigy for years. However, he has failed to bag a major world title under his belt. That said, Yildirim is currently a top contender at 168 lbs, and is on the verge of challenging for the championship bouts.

The 29-year-old has a pro record of 21 wins alongside 2 losses. But he is still not a household name. On bagging a win at his next appearance, Yildirim can clearly change that and turn himself into a renowned boxer. But even before that, fans deserve to know more about ‘Mr. Robot’. Here’s a look at Avni Yildirim’s nationality and how he has evolved through the years.

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Avni Yildirim- Where does he come from?

Yildirim hails from Turkey and is one of the few boxers to have attained global success from the nation. Meanwhile, boxing is growing rapidly over there and Yildirim, alongside the other boxers in Karzam Hisham, Baris Yurtcu and more are taking the lead.

He was born in Istanbul, the capital of Turkey, and as per Box Rec, Yildirim still resides in the city. However, he has to travel a lot for his professional fights and would often move his training camp into other countries.

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After turning a professional in 2015, Avni Yildirim fought his first three fights in Turkey. He won two of them via TKO and one came with points. But Yildirim has never competed in his home country since then.

All his fights happened in Germany, the USA, and Mexico from 2015 to this day. Thus, he might miss out on the support from his home crowd especially when he has become a prime pugilist. His professional career has been impressive by now.

Since his debut, Avni Yildirim faced his first loss against Chris Eubank Jr., after staging an undefeated run of 16 fights. But he rose back and registered another run of five wins before losing his last fight against Anthony Dirrell for the WBC super-middleweight title.

Yildirim has the potential to regain his place in the sport, and fans believe he would do that. So, only time can tell whether Avni Yildirim becomes the champion or remains a gatekeeper of the sport.

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