Born Christian Later Converted to Muslim, Mike Tyson Reveals Real Reason Why He Chose Islam While Serving His Prison Sentence

Published 12/21/2023, 2:28 AM EST

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Mike Tyson, once the undisputed heavyweight champion, reveals his spiritual journey. On the PBD Podcast, hosted by Patrick Bet-David, an unexpected topic surfaced. It wasn’t about boxing, fame, or controversy. Instead, it was about Tyson’s conversion to Islam. A question from the audience opened a rarely- seen door into Tyson’s heart.

His response, a blend of humility and introspection, contrasts sharply with his past persona. Tyson, known for his ferociousness in the ring, now speaks of worship and goodness. Tyson’s journey, from self-worship to embracing a higher power, challenges our perceptions of the man behind the gloves.

When Iron Mike turned into soft Mike Tyson..


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Tyson, raised in a Christian household, found himself amidst a life-altering transition while in jail. It was there, in the confines of a prison cell, that he embraced Islam—a move that reshaped his identity and outlook on life.


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During the interview, Tyson’s response to the audience question captured everyone’s attention. “Absolutely! Because I’ve learned in life you have to worship somebody else bigger than yourself,” he said, his voice reflecting a depth of conviction. He continued, “I only knew worshiping myself because I was always told to believe in myself, and the connection with me and Allah is just what it is. It is who I am and that’s just what it is.”

He then shared his insights about the people he met on his journey. “I met great religious people, but all the great religious people I met wasn’t good religious people.” This statement led to a profound declaration about his personal aspirations. “So I decided in life I want to be a good person more than a great person. And that’s just been my concept, good is so much more superior than great when it’s used in the proper perspective.”

These words, stark and candid, represent a significant shift from the Mike Tyson the world once knew. They reveal a man who has journeyed from the height of self-aggrandizement to a humbler. In the same interview Mike also talked about the dangers of processed foods.


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Tyson’s insights on health and well-being

In the interview, Mike Tyson offered valuable insights on leading a healthier life. Emphasizing his love for exercise, Tyson also highlighted the importance of eating clean. “I don’t believe that much in diet – I believe in not eating, you know, processed food,” he asserted, advocating for natural foods. Tyson criticized processed foods for their unpronounceable ingredients, emphasizing that “everything else that God made is good.”

He shared how physical exercise boosts his mental well-being. Despite his past rigorous training regimen of 60 hours a week, Tyson now faces challenges with physical activities due to sciatica. This condition sometimes hampers his ability to exercise and even speak, marking a significant shift from his peak fitness days.


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How can we too find a balance between physical well-being and spiritual fulfillment in our lives? Tyson’s story is not just about a change in faith or health habits; it’s about redefining what it means to lead a meaningful life.

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