Boxing Fans Watch in Horror As ‘Child’ Fights Pro: ‘Where Are His Parents?’

Published 09/24/2022, 5:55 AM EDT

Boxing as a sport has witnessed drastic changes in its events in the recent past. There was a time when this sport was secluded to trained prizefighters and the rivalry between them led to mega-events. World title shots were the most selling fights. However, those days were confined to the early decade of the 21st century. With time, it has undergone several changes.

Now prizefighters are coming from diverse fields like YouTube, other sports, and social media. They are choosing the opponent of their level. Till now it was accepted by fans. But a new event of boxing in Mexico seems to have left the fans stunned. It has raised several questions.

Recently, a page named Triller Boxing Historian reported on Twitter that a professional child fight is going to happen in Mexico. Moreover, it would air live on Probox.


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They wrote, “Time to watch a child fight in Mexico on Probox.”

The page also shared the picture of a child standing in the corner of the ring with gloves and a mouth guard on.

As soon as this post circulated on Twitter, it captured the attention of fighting fans. They questioned the event in several ways.

How did fans react to the child fight?

A fan asked, “how old was this kid allegedly?”


An American promoter and film producer wrote, “What. The. F**k.”

Another fan recalled UFC’s recent contract with a fighter, who is the youngest to sign a contract in UFC. This fan wrote, “UFC just signed a 17 year old…”

Another fan wrote, “Is this roy’s boxer?”

Notably, the former pound-for-pound Roy Jones Jr is training several young kids in his boxing gym. Therefore, this fan just made a wild guess.


A verified sports journalist asked a very legit question. He wrote, “And where are his parents.”







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