“Boxing’s Full of Cowards” – Dillian Whyte Lashes Out at Andy Ruiz Jr., Frank Warren, and Bob Arum

August 29, 2020 1:35 am

Former WBC interim heavyweight champion Dillian Whyte fired back at his critics.

Dillian Whyte’s loss to Alexander Povetkin was one of the saddest moments in boxing history. Despite waiting for more than a 1000 days, the “Body Snatcher” failed to secure a WBC heavyweight title shot. Though many people felt bad for the former champ, Bob Arum, Frank Warren, and Andy Ruiz Jr. showed no mercy.

In a recent interaction with Sky Sports, Dillian Whyte fired back at the aforementioned personalities.

“There’s a lot of people on social media talking rubbish. You got grown men like Frank Warren, Bob Arum, and those guys — like laughing and gloating at the fact that I lost. Then you got Andy Ruiz, who turned down fights with me. Now I lost, he’s happy that I’ve lost and they don’t have to fight me. These guys are a bunch of cowards. Boxing’s full of cowards,” Dillian Whyte said.

What did Andy Ruiz Jr., Bob Arum, and Frank Warren say about Dillian Whyte?

Nothing good! Bob Arum was one of the first people to react to Whyte’s loss. Check out the 88-year-old’s reaction below.

Andy Ruiz Jr. was extremely happy about Whyte’s defeat. Watch his reaction below.

“I was so happy that Whyte got his a*** knocked the f**k out. You know what, because he doesn’t have respect for the fighters – that’s what gets me p***ed off,” Ruiz said.

Frank Warren also mocked Whyte.

“If these fighters and fans have enjoyed Dillian’s defeat, then it is only because he has made a career out of slagging others off. To put it very simply, what goes around, comes around.” Read his full response here.

Regardless of what the critics have said, Dillian Whyte is still targeting a rematch with Alexander Povetkin later this year.

Shantanu Mayenkar

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