BREAKING: Brandon Figueroa Stops Damein Vazquez in the Tenth Round

September 27, 2020 7:29 am

In the co-main event for Charlo vs Derevyanchenko card, Damien Vazquez challenged the champion, Brandon Figueroa, for his WBA super bantamweight title in a 12-round contest.

Figueroa won the bout via tenth-round TKO.

Here’s a round by round breakdown of what happened in the fight.

The first round started with both the opponents feeling each other out. Figueroa then started pressuring Vazquez, who kept his distance by throwing jabs.

Despite Figueroa being the taller and longer opponents, he kept getting in close range to connect with combinations while Vazquez kept hitting him with hard jabs like the first.

Although Vazquez still tried keeping his distance in the third, both the opponents started getting in a couple of exchanges in the round. Few shots were thrown to the body as well.

The fighters started getting in multiple exchanges in the fourth, with Figueroa getting the better of these. Figueroa was still the aggressor, however, Vazquez started connecting with more shots in the fifth.

The hard shots to the head showed their effects on Vazquez as his right eye was visibly swollen by the end of the sixth round. Coming to the seventh, Vazquez came out hard and started landing some solid shots.

How the bout between Brandon Figueroa vs Damien Vazquez concluded

In the eighth round, the fight had turned more and more in favor of the champion as he came out aggressively and put Vazquez against the ropes. Although the latter landed some shots of his own, he was too badly hurt to do any significant damage.

The only knockdown of the fight came in this round. But not at the hands of the fighters, but the ref who tried to separate the tied fighters at the ropes. He pushed the aggressor Figueroa back, who lost his footing and fell to the canvas, which led to the commentators jokingly refer to it as a knockdown.

In the tenth round, Brandon Figueroa continued his relentless onslaught, hitting with hard hooks to the body and head, trying to put Vazquez away. Vazquez continued taking a lot of damage, and the ref stopped the bout for good. Figueroa retained his title.

Coming in as a heavy underdog, Vazquez showed a lot of grit in the fight and though he could not win the title tonight, he definitely won some fans following this bout.

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