Buster Douglas Net Worth: How Much Is He Worth in 2021?

Published 12/27/2021, 7:00 AM EST

The massive history of heavyweight boxing may not reflect Buster Douglas in the absolute top-tier position. But the American boxer is undoubtedly a legend, who dominated the ring for brief years during his prime. With several wins under his name, Douglas arguably landed the biggest upset of heavyweight boxing when he vanquished a dominant Mike Tyson in 1990.


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He was the first man to beat Tyson in-ring, a fight that is still talked about. The 2x heavyweight world champion has appeared in 44 pro-fights in his career, with a 37-6-1 record. Having faced some of the best men of his time, James ‘Buster’ Douglas is clearly a historian in the sport of boxing. Besides, he is also a global celebrity.


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The 61-year-old is now far from the boxing chaos, but still chimes into the media shows. That said, he has been financially successful all his life and doesn’t need to risk himself in exhibition fights, like most boxers of his era. Here’s a look at his financial gains from his boxing career.

What is Buster Douglas’ Net Worth?

Buster Douglas has seen several multi-million paydays in his career. He has been part of some of the biggest bouts of his era, amassing lucrative sponsorships to further compliment his bank account. Per reports, his net worth is around $15 million, while some claim it to be $17 million. The Ohio native fought from 1981 to 1999, but his shot to fame was the win over Mike Tyson.


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A world championship came along with the win, but Douglas lost it in his first title defense against ‘The Real Deal’ Evander Holyfield. Well, he spun some serious money, which boosted his bank account numbers to new heights.

Career earnings

While boxers of that era had little social media support to promote themselves, Douglas relied most on his boxing numbers and it clearly fetched him enough. After a career-defining win against Mike Tyson, Douglas earned the biggest payday of his career by facing Evander Holyfield in the same year.

He reportedly earned over $24 million from the bout while Holyfield bagged $8 million. According to findings, Douglas’ $24.1 million purse is equivalent to $43.5 million in today’s time. He then appeared in several more fights. But after suffering a few losses, Douglas lost his charm to an extent that could have been even more impactful than what we saw at the end of his career.

How much did Buster Douglas make from the Mike Tyson Fight?

The KO win over Mike Tyson fetched Douglas the WBC, WBA, and IBF heavyweight titles along with a $1.3 million pay-day, per Box Rec. Mike Tyson earned a whopping $6 million. However, other reports claim Douglas bagged $3 million by beating ‘Iron’. It was clearly a massive up-gradation in his carer.


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Douglas became a superstar instantly and put the entire heavyweight division on the notice. While a rematch between him and Tyson would have allured everyone, Holyfield slide in and snatched the belts from Douglas, ending hopes of a potential Tyson vs Douglas 2 fight.

How much is Buster Douglas worth right now?

No reports, verify his earnings in 2021. But the boxer has made enough money to live a happy retired life. He is still a popular face in the media and is frequently spotted in interviews.


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His Instagram account has just over 3k followers. Hence, Douglas is not very aware of social media fame, but he is clearly a popular personality for combat loyalists.

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