Canelo Alvarez Knocks Out Caleb Plant to Become the First-Ever Undisputed 168 lbs Champion

Published 11/07/2021, 12:39 AM EDT

Canelo Alvarez dethroned IBF champion Caleb Plant to become boxing’s maiden undisputed unified super middleweight champion. Following a lengthy 11-round war, Alvarez silenced his critics by stopping ‘Sweethands’. Caleb Plant offered his best side and remained strong for a brief period.


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Although he stood toe-to-toe with Alvarez, the p4p king was way too strong for a 12-round collision.

Alvarez took his time and ended the fight as promised. After being pushed in the initial stage, he ran riot in the penultimate round. Here’s a deeper look at the scrap.


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Canelo Alvarez v Caleb Plant- The First Five Rounds

Caleb Plant kicked off the fight with sheer precision against Canelo Alvarez. ‘Sweethands’ moved swiftly and depicted what many of Alvarez’s top-level opponents like Austin Trout and Floyd Mayweather had shown in the past.

Plant didn’t remain stable and displayed good head movements. The jabs were also effective, but Alvarez chased down his American rival with strong shots to close round one.

Round two began with both men landing their hard punches. While Caleb Plant did his best to avoid them, the P4P king was successful. Despite witnessing the early success, Alvarez didn’t rush. He seemed prepared for a long night. Nevertheless, Plant, who wasn’t there to back off, stood and delivered the goods.


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After four rounds, Canelo Alvarez and Caleb Plant looked equal on the papers. Both the champions had seen moments of glory and were yet to suffer any major damage. The scene changed a bit in round five as the super middleweight stars began trading haymakers.

The Action Goes On

After the fifth round, Canelo Alvarez displayed his heart and hunted Caleb Plant. He shook the American fighter with big punches, almost from every angle. Plant survived, but couldn’t offer much from his end.

Round seven was pretty similar in favor of Alvarez. He didn’t let Plant connect, and he threw in his best shots at ‘Sweethands’. As the fight went deeper, Alvarez seemed to take his game to a different level.

Despite that, the unofficial scoring saw both men stand close to the other. It didn’t sit well with Alvarez, who poured all his heat in round nine. Plant responded with some good shots, but it appeared to be Alvarez’s round. He advanced himself with a similar approach to the championship rounds. It was surprising to see Plant still in a good condition.


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However, in the second-last round, Alvarez understood Plant’s game and knocked him down once before finally putting ‘Sweethands’ to sleep.

It was yet another spectacular night for Alvarez, who is now 57-1-2 as a pro-boxer. The future shall bring even bigger matchups for him.


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What did you make of Canelo Alvarez’s display tonight?

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