Canelo Alvarez Lists the Ten Things He Can Not Live Without

Published 11/10/2021, 1:30 PM EST
Nov 5, 2021; Las Vegas, Nevada, USA; Canelo Alvarez weighs in for his super middleweight championship boxing match against Caleb Plant (not pictured) at MGM Grand Garden Arena. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Canelo Alvarez sat down with GQ to discuss the ten things he can not live without. Canelo is one of the most recognizable names in boxing right now. The Mexican P4P king keeps a low profile on social media and is usually very reserved when it comes to his personal life. GQ offered an inside look into Canelo’s everyday essentials.


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Here are the ten things Canelo Alvarez can not live without:


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1. Golden Boxing gloves  

On the very top of Canelo’s list of essentials, while traveling, are his gloves. The Mexican loves to train and takes any opportunity he gets to get a quick workout in. “When I went in Croatia, for my honeymoon, I trained with them. I can’t stop train(ing). I feel good when I do something, and train.”

2. Music

All Canelo Alvarez training clips have one common denominator, music. Alvarez loves to train with music and listens to all kinds of genres from reggaeton to mariachi. So speakers are always essential for Canelo wherever he travels.

3. Canelo Alvarez’s Louis Vuitton handbag

Canelo carries his Louis Vuitton handbag everywhere. He carries cash, perfume, and a lot of other essentials in it. Most importantly, it is a gift from his wife, Fernanda Gómez. “My wife give it to me, so I need to carry it. Because if not, she’s gonna be mad.” Canelo said.

4. Canelo Alvarez car collection

The P4P champion loves cars and says he has around 15-20 of them. Out of his armada of cars, his favorites are the Buggati Chiron ‘Smurf’ Blue and the La Ferarri.

5. Golf Clubs

When the P4P king is not in the gym training, you can find him on the greens of a golf course, playing rounds with his friends. Canelo loves the sport so much that he wishes his children became golfers.

6. Watches

Canelo spoke about his love for watches. And although he didn’t reveal much of his watch collections, he showed GQ a Richard Mille that he bought for $110k, which is now worth $840k.

7. Art

Canelo revealed his love for art. Canelo spoke about paintings by Coronel and a portrait in his gym made by Rob The Original, which is one of his favorites.


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8. Horses

The P4P king fell in love with horses when he was 4 years old. Since he was a child, he’s always wanted a horse, but his father could never afford one. Now he has multiple horses at his ranch in Guadalajara, Mexico. His ranch is one of his favorite places, and he spends most of his time with his horses.

9. The Mexican Flag

Canelo always carries a Mexican flag every time he steps into the ring. Alvarez loves representing his country, and it is something that fills him with a sense of immense pride and joy to be able to represent his country and make history.


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10. The Canelo Alvarez team


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This is the most essential part of his life, according to Alvarez. His team, headed by his trainer, who he met when he was just 13 years old. Ever since then, he has accomplished great feats with trainer Eddie Reynoso, El Doc, Raul, Chamuel, and Uriel.

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