Claressa Shields Lashes Out at Fans Criticizing Adrien Broner

December 29, 2020 2:23 pm

The Greatest female boxers on the planet, Claressa Shields has stood up for her mate, Adrien Broner. Broner has been at the receiving end of a lot of criticism since his unanimous decision loss to Manny Pacquiao.

He has maintained an inactive streak in boxing for a few years now. ‘T-Rex’ took to her official Instagram handle to defend Broner on the backlash he’s receiving.

“Listen here, it was like negativity, people talking about Adrien Broner. I was being positive about his situation because he was depressed,”


Shields was fierce in her voice while talking at this juncture. She felt Broner is receiving unnecessary backlash for his actions and it was consuming him for a long period.

‘T-Rex’ asserted on Broner being liquor-free for the past few months, and he’s back in the gym to regain his momentum. She further added, “He’s back in the gym he lost 30 pounds.

I need to go to Adrien Broner and I need to tell him, Hey man, congrats, we see you. We can’t wait to see you back in 2021. His way because he deserved.

‘T-Rex’ looked anticipated for Broner’s comeback, she even felt he could have beaten Manny Pacquiao if he was in his genuine momentum.

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Who should Adrien Broner face in his return fight?

Broner fought last in January 2019, succumbing to a one-sided loss to the veteran, Manny Pacquiao. Following that fight, he showed little interest in coming back.

Broner has 33 wins and 4 losses to his name. However, he has shown a lot of promise in making a sturdy comeback in the new year.

Considering his lackluster run in the welterweight, he might have a few opponents aligned. Jamal James, Virgil Ortiz Jr, or Yordenis Ugas can be a few probable opponents aligned for him.

To make his way to the top, Broner will have to take on some rugged opponents. ‘The Problem’ is a resilient fighter and just needs to regain his form. If he manages to do so, there’s no doubt in the world that Broner will get his hands back on the 147-pound gold soon enough.

Who would you like to see Broner fight in 2021?

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