‘Crazy’ News Stuns Fans as Boxer, Who Failed Drug Test, Under Threat of Facing 4 Years Ban

Published 10/08/2022, 1:30 PM EDT

The highly anticipated bout between Conor Benn and Chris Eubank Jr, which was all set to settle a historic rivalry of their father’s time, is in jeopardy after Benn’s drug test failure. The consequences of testing positive are harsh. He could face a four-year ban from boxing.

Michael Benson of talkSports reported it on Twitter.


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The boxing legend Nigel Benn and Eubank Jr’s sons were all set to go head-to-head on Saturday, October 8. O2 Arena was most likely to host the 12-rounds of the super-welterweight contest. The fight was already in buzz for its interesting plot that begins with their father’s rivalry back in the 1990s.

But unfortunately, VADA’s report changed the entire course of the mega fight. According to the anti-doping agency, Benn tested positive for clomifene. However, UK’s Anti-Doping agency has given him a green signal to enter the arena earlier this month.

As a result, the British Boxing Board of Control canceled the fight. UK’s Anti-Doping Agency will again investigate the matter formally.

As soon as this news circulated on social media, fans reacted to it.

How did fans react to Conor Benn’s ban news?

A fan wrote, “Far too harsh. Canelo was banned for 6 months. Not even Miller was banned for 4 years. Boxing really needs to get its act together and set specific standards with specific set punishments.”

Another fan wrote, “Not trying to defend Benn, but so many other fighters have tested positive for various PEDS and they didn’t get that hard of a punishment. Are they trying to make an example out of Benn or what?”

“The rivalry will have to skip this generation and we’ll see Chris Eubank Jr Jr vs Conor Benn the 2nd in a couple decades”, another fan added.

Another fan wrote, “4 years is crazy.”

Another fan asked for more clarification on the drug-test.


Another fan wrote, “They don’t play in the UK, mans finna lose all his prime years pretty much. Sad L in the boxing community.”

Another fan expressed concern that this ban would end Benn’s career.


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What do you think of this? Do you think Benn could come up with some solution? Let us know in the comments below.

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