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Daughter Draws 1.4 Million Eyes to Appreciation Post About Her Father Floyd Mayweather by Head Athletic Trainer of Portland Trail Blazers

Published 11/20/2023, 5:40 AM EST

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In a world where social media blurs the lines between personal accolades and professional triumphs, an Instagram story became a news headline. Imagine a former WNBA champion and a boxing legend colliding in the realm of NBA. This is not a fantasy draft but a real-life scenario involving Courtney Watson, head Athletic Trainer of the Portland Trail Blazers, and Floyd Mayweather, the boxing icon.

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Their recent interaction at an NBA game has sparked a unique blend of sports camaraderie and family pride. Catapulting into the limelight thanks to a single Instagram share. This post, intriguingly has captured the attention of 1.4 million followers, thanks to a single share by Mayweather’s daughter, Iyanna.

Celebrating a champion: Floyd Mayweather in the eyes of Trail Blazers’ head trainer


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Courtney Watson, an acclaimed former WNBA champion and Olympic gold medalist, currently shines in her role as the Head Athletic Trainer for the Portland Trail Blazers. Recently, she took to Instagram to share a post that has since garnered significant attention. In the photo, Watson stands alongside Floyd Mayweather, the legendary boxing champion, at a Trail Blazers game.

The caption is heartfelt and revealing: “Thank you Champ for your support in my life and my career. Through all of our experiences together, it meant so much to see you at my Game in LA, watching me as the new Head Athletic Trainer of the Portland @trailblazers. I’m always in your Corner and so grateful for watching true definition of #HardworkDedication day in and day out!”


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This post, rich in personal sentiment and professional appreciation, swiftly caught the eye of Iyanna Mayweather, Floyd’s daughter. With a substantial following of 1.4 million on Instagram, Iyanna amplified the reach of Watson’s message by sharing it on her story. This act of sharing not only reinforced the bond between her father and Watson but also propelled the post into a much wider social media sphere. Iyanna although a regular at sharing stuff on her Instagram, recently mourned the death of someone very close to Floyd Mayweather and his family.

Iyanna Mayweather’s enduring memories of a beloved caregiver


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The profound impact of Kitchie Laurico’s passing continues to resonate within the Mayweather family, with Iyanna Mayweather expressing her enduring grief through touching tributes. Recently, Iyanna shared a poignant image of Laurico joyfully engaging with her baby. Accompanied by a heartfelt caption: “You loved my baby so much and always took care of both of us. I miss tf out of you.”

This post reflects the deep bond Laurico shared with the Mayweather children. Showcasing her significant role in their upbringing months after the tragedy, Iyanna, along with other family members, remains deeply affected.


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The shared memories and heartfelt words speak volumes about the depth of connection that transcends the typical boundaries of fame and public life. How often do we acknowledge and remember the invaluable contributions of individuals like Laurico in our own lives?

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Growing up engrossed in sports, it was the compelling narrative of the Mike Tyson documentary that first pulled me into the magnetic world of boxing. This initial spark was further kindled by the unparalleled prowess and strategy of Floyd Mayweather, offering me a deeper appreciation for the sweet science. I am Mrinal, a senior writer for Boxing at EssentiallySports.
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