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“Definitely Couldn’t Stand on It’s Own Without Rocky”: Days After $22 Million ‘Creed III’ Achievement, Michael B. Jordan’s Resurfaced Clip Raises Eyebrows Among Fans

Published 03/05/2023, 11:07 AM EST

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Hollywood star Michael B. Jordan made his directorial debut with the latest edition of the Creed franchise. The Black Panther actor has already played the protagonist in the two previous movies and has made his directorial debut in the third part. Moreover, the movie also doesn’t feature Sylvester Stallone who has been the carrier for the Rocky/Creed franchise since its inception.

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Despite this, the movie seems to be garnering good reviews and is also breaking box office achievements. The movie made an impressive $22 million on opening day and was screened in 4,007 locations. The movie is now projected to make $50 million in the opening week. This is certainly more than the initial expectations of $30 million. It would also mark a franchise high across all the Creed films and the entire Rocky series, beating the three-day debuts of the first Creed and Creed II which garnered $29 million and $35 million respectively.

Moreover, with the movie now taking over the box office, a resurfaced clip from one of its previous installments has been making rounds online. In the clip, we can see former champion Tony Bellew practicing a fight scene where he knocks out Jordan. The punch looked very real with Jordan landing on the canvas.


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However, the page that posted the clip claimed that the punch was an accident, which caught Jordan and knocked him out. The caption also stated that the scene was from the second part, which did not feature Bellew. The fans were quick to call out the page for not getting its facts right as they reacted to this resurfaced video.

Resurfaced video of Michael B. Jordan getting knocked out by Tony Bellew

A user named @TshirtnJeans2 stated that Creed 3 was not able to stand out without Stallone as Rocky.

Another user named @SteveGolf18_72 claimed that Jordan was not knocked out for real, and it was all part of the script.


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While some users believed that Jordan was only acting, others took a dig for the factual error. A user named @ReggieMacworthy criticized the page for not knowing which Creed movie this was from despite being a boxing fan page.

However, a user named @Mattbrad94 claimed that the page intentionally posted wrong facts to get more engagement.


Lastly, a user named @PerrysBMX was baffled by how many inaccuracies this post contained.

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The fans were certainly quick to call out the page for not researching their content before posting it. However, some fans also felt that the movie is not the same as Stallone in it. Despite this, Jordan has revealed why he decided to remove Sly from the franchise as he wants to concentrate more on his character and take the story further without being in Stallone’s shadow. Moreover, with a success at the box office, fans surely want to see the movie despite Sly not being featured.


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What did you think about the resurfaced video getting bashed by fans? Let us know in the comments.

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