Deron Williams vs Frank Gore Stats: Record, Weight, Age, Reach, Height, and Networth

Published 12/18/2021, 3:50 AM EST

Amid some serious boxing scraps, Deron Williams vs Frank Gore can be an entertaining bout for the fans, who are eager for the Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley 2 card on December 18. The NBA elite and Olympic gold medalist, Williams, didn’t need to enter the boxing trend. However, the lucrative pay-check may have allured him and the NBA star will now take on a former NFL player, Frank Gore, inside the boxing ring. But on looking at the massive earnings of both men from their respective sports career, it’s hard to believe that money is the sole reason for bringing them inside the ring.


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The two will lock horns in a heavyweight bout in the undercard of Paul vs Woodley 2. That said, neither man has had any pro-boxing experience to their side. However, combat has always been a primitive part of their respective athletic careers. They have used combat as a tool to witness success in NBA and NFL. That said, they are finally going to lace the gloves and collide with each other.


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Just hours far from the fight, Williams and Gore appear ready to offer slugfest in the ring. Be it a slugfest or a technical fight, the heavyweight bout is clearly grabbing attention. Here’s a comparison of both men under the valid boxing benchmarks.

Who is a better boxer- Deron Williams or Frank Gore?

Neither man are boxers but have thrown punches at the gym several times. Deron Williams has been a combat fan all his life and reportedly co-owns a MMA gym in the USA. Williams has also wrestled in the past and had won a title at 67 lbs and 112 lbs before making it to high school. In a chat with TMZ, UFC fighter Ryan Spann had recalled a combat session with Deron Williams and hailed the NBA star’s fighting prowess.

“Deron whooped my ass one day. I’m dead serious. You can call him and ask him,” said Spann.


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Well, Frank Gore has also used boxing during his NFL days as a tool to improvise his reflex. The NFL star was one of the most aggressive running backs of his time. While boxing will demand a different grind, Gore looks favorable to offer his best. He has been boxing at the gym for a long time and can sample it brilliantly against Deron Williams.

Deron Williams vs Frank Gore: Age, Height, Weight, and More

37-year-old Deron Williams is 6’3” tall and weighs around 200 lbs. He is clearly a heavyweight prospect and can use his massive size to his advantage in his upcoming outing.


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Aged 37, Gore stands at 5’9” and weighs over 200 lbs. He is also big built and has immense stamina in his favor. If Frank Gore can put all of it into use, we can see him topple the fight against Deron Williams.

Social Media stardom and Networth


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Former NBA star, Williams has 336 k Instagram followers and 694.5  Twitter followers. He has been a prime name in the basketball community and has also seen decent financial gainings back in his active days. Deron Williams has over $157 million career earnings from NBA. Hence, he is in a stable position to relish a retired life, but he is still willing to risk his life against Gore.


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Frank Gore has 346 k IG followers and 56.6k Twitter followers. Being one of the vicious players of NFL, he also saw extreme success in his career. His overall earnings are around $67 million, which will see a raise after his stint against Deron Williams.

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