Despite Acknowledging an Achievement That Even He Failed to Do, Floyd Mayweather Rips Apart Vasyl Lomachenko in Forgotten Interview

Published 05/21/2023, 3:35 PM EDT

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In an industry known for its high-energy drama and explosive revelations, forgotten tapes can often unearth intriguing stories. Take a dive with us into an untold narrative that resurfaced from the archives—an interview with Floyd Mayweather Jr., the man who defined an era in boxing, voicing his thoughts about Ukrainian powerhouse Vasiliy Lomachenko.

In the interview, Mayweather gives his candid take on his comparison with Lomachenko.

Despite the aura of respect that surrounds both boxers, Mayweather’s comments on this comparison are striking and thought-provoking. Buckle up as we explore Mayweather’s complex stance on an issue that still has the boxing world talking. Will this hidden gem confirm what you suspected, or will it turn your perspective on its head? Let’s find out.


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Mayweather’s stand: Acknowledging Lomachenko’s triumphs yet resisting comparison

In the unearthed interview, Floyd Mayweather Jr. begins by acknowledging Vasyl Lomachenko’s extraordinary accomplishments in amateur boxing. Lomachenko, who boasts two Olympic gold medals—an accolade Mayweather admits he wasn’t able to achieve—is a testament to the pinnacle of amateur boxing prowess, Mayweather opines. He also asserts the immense importance of merely qualifying for the Olympics.


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However, Mayweather then shifts the conversation towards Lomachenko’s swift progression to world titles, attributing it to his extensive amateur career. Mayweather remarks, “Man, once you fight 300 amateur fights, you’re a professional, anyway. You’re a professional, anyway.” His argument is that Lomachenko, with over 300 amateur bouts under his belt, essentially entered the professional ring with substantial experience.


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Mayweather’s case against comparison: The tale of boxing records

But Mayweather’s firm stand against comparisons between him and Lomachenko stems from a key point in their respective careers. “You know the reason why, because we won our first fight, we won our second fight, we won our third fight,” Mayweather states, referring to himself, Ali, and Sugar Ray Leonard. Contrasting this with Lomachenko’s early career loss to Orlando Salido, Mayweather drives his point home. He underlines that Salido, who handed Lomachenko his first professional loss in his second professional bout, was not, quote-unquote, “the best guy in the world.

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Despite acknowledging Lomachenko’s achievements, Mayweather stands firm. He asserts, “And you cannot compare. You cannot compare a fighter like ‘Loma’ to me or a fighter like Ali or a fighter like ‘Sugar’ Ray Leonard.” In Mayweather’s view, their records set them apart, and this disparity makes a direct comparison with Lomachenko an unequal one.

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