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Despite Being Sceptical, Mike Tyson Reveals Only Condition On Which He Will Take His $160 Million Business Empire Public

Published 10/19/2023, 10:26 AM EDT

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Mike Tyson is a big name not just in boxing but also in business. He’s retired from professional boxing and will not return to the ring. This is not just due to age but lack of interest. Mike Tyson is invested in multiple projects outside of boxing and credits his calmer demeanor to cannabis use. The boxing legend believes in its benefits which subsequently led him to start his own company.

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In 2021, Tyson launched his cannabis company, Tyson 2.0, and quickly succeeded. He offers unique strains and extracts across the U.S. The company even bagged a deal with Ric Flair to sell his products as well in 2022. Moreover, his business, Tyson 2.0, is estimated to make $160 million in revenue by the end of this fiscal year. Thus, in his recent episode of Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson, he revealed his interest in making his company go public.

Is Tyson 2.0 by Mike Tyson going public?


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The recent episode of Mike’s podcast saw Grant Cardone, a renowned entrepreneur. The episode delved into details about AI, health hacks, and ventured into an intense discussion about business. Amidst the conversation, DJ Whoo Kid brought up the topic of  ‘Iron Mike’s’ thriving business Tyson 2.0. ‘Kid Dynamite’ then revealed that going public exposes the company and makes it vulnerable.

Then, Grant asked if Mike plans to go public. Mike responded that he might, but the price must be right. As he said, “Once you go public, you are wide open. you’re exposed…Maybe, The price has to be right.” Furthermore, Grant believes Mike deserves a high valuation for his company. He said, “You deserve a big price.”


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In the same episode, Mike revealed something he never heard before. Despite being an exemplary boxer and business tycoon, ‘Iron Mike’ still had a backup plan.

What was the backup plan for Tyson?

Mike thinks school is a fallback for failures and a Plan B. He didn’t attend school because he was sure he’d succeed. This is because ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ believes most school-taught skills become outdated quickly. Mike said, “I always thought school was something you fall back on when you fail and Plan B. That’s how I looked at school. I never went anywhere because I knew I was going to succeed. You got to learn skills, you got to get great at something..”

He even elucidated why he won’t pay for his kids’ college. According to him, they should attend elite schools for networking if they choose to go. He thinks college is only necessary for aspiring Presidents. As he believes, “The only valuable thing at school today is who you meet. If you want to be President of the United States, go to college; otherwise, you don’t need it.”

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Mike Tyson’s journey proves that success isn’t confined to one arena. He’s not just a boxing legend; he’s a savvy entrepreneur. Tyson 2.0 is thriving, and going public is a possibility, but only at the right price. As for education, Tyson sees it as a Plan B, not a necessity. His advice? Be great at something and network well. Tyson’s life is a masterclass in adaptability and strategic thinking.
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