Despite Being Sued in $150,000 Lawsuit by Nina Agdal, Dillon Danis Continues Ugly Beef With Logan Paul by Firing Shots at His Friend Mike Majlak

Published 10/02/2023, 2:09 PM EDT

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Logan Paul and Dillon Danis are set to fight at Manchester Arena on October 14. The undercard starts at 6 pm UK time, and the main event ends around 9 pm. They are part of the undercard event at the KSI vs. Tommy Fury match. The Danis-Paul fight has generated much buzz, mainly because of Danis’ antics. Drama, controversy, and slurs, that’s how the happenings of the fight can be best defined.

It is no new news that Dillon has been trash-talking Logan Paul’s fiancee, Nina Agdal, for a long time. By posting her pictures, and videos, and calling her “transgender,” he has left no leaf unturned to set the drama ablaze. However, Paul says he and Agdal are fighting back. Moreover, Agdal is now suing Danis for $150,000. However, Dillon has now changed his target to Paul’s best friend, Mike Majlak, thus reviving their never-halting virulent beef.

Dillon has changed his target from fiancee to best friend


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Recently, Dillon Danis posted a picture of Malik’s girlfriend on his X (Twitter) account. However, the picture just doesn’t contain Majlak and his girlfriend, Sara Maughan. He posted his girlfriend’s picture with another guy, wherein both of them can be seen smiling and flaunting a champagne bottle. This shot will indeed act as a catalyst for their drama-packed-bout.

Undoubtedly, Logan Paul didn’t expect things to go this way before his fight with Dillon Danis. Even when it came to his fiancee, he refused to back down from either the fight or the legal battle. As he told TMZ Sports, “Everyone asks me, ‘Did he cross the line?’ There’s a difference between crossing the line in promoting a fight and committing a federal crime.”  

Logan Paul has gained fame through WWE, YouTube, and social media influence. His influence continues to grow, and many credit his best friend, Mike Majlak, for this success. Logan and Mike have shared many adventures over the years. They have documented their friendship on Logan’s YouTube channel as well as their popular podcast, IMPAULSIVE. However, like most friends, they have had their fair share of bumps along the way.

How did Mike Majlak previously betray Logan Paul?


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In 2021, Mike Majlak criticized Logan Paul on their show for supporting Harry Styles wearing a dress. Mike also accused Logan of “d**kriding,” leading to a public argument. Logan accused Mike of lying, and Mike fired back. They later decided to talk it out. People also blamed Majlak for George Janko leaving their podcast.

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Furthermore, Mike even had a conflict with Logan’s fiancee, Nina Agdal. Nina accidentally pointed at Mike’s face, sparking an argument. Logan defended Nina, and Mike walked away. Given these events, many speculate that Mike might betray Logan again. However, with Logan’s rivalry with Dillon Danis escalating, this might be a very sensitive time for the duo. Now, with the addition of Majlak to the narrative, one question lingers: what’s next? As the fight approaches, questions of loyalty and legal consequences loom large.


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