Despite Logan Paul and KSI’s $10 Billion Empire, MrBeast Reigns Supreme Over Influencer Boxers in This 2023 Elite List

Published 10/30/2023, 7:45 AM EDT

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The combat zone of famous stardom in 2023 has an unexpected roster. Have you ever seen WWE wrestling or boxing among YouTubers? Now it’s a reality. Former YouTube competitors Logan Paul and KSI are now putting on gloves and fighting one other. There’s a twist, though. They’re not merely flinging blows. They’re wresting their way to stardom and creating beverage empires. Strange, isn’t it?

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Let’s introduce MrBeast. Not a wrestler or a boxer, but a formidable opponent none the less. MrBeast continues to refine his trade while Logan and KSI diversify their portfolios. Why is he the town’s talkative topic? Who is more powerful, traditional celebrity or online sensation?

Topping Forbes with a twist: Where Logan Paul stands among 2023’s elite creators

The ascension of digital personalities to esteemed business magnates is crystal clear when one observes the phenomenal growth of Logan Paul and KSI. At the heart of their achievement lies PRIME Hydration, a business valued at an impressive £10 billion. Far from being a mere commercial endeavour, this hydration beverage underscores the astute business acumen of these creators. Both Logan and KSI together hold a noteworthy 40% share, illustrating their steadfast confidence in the brand’s potential.

Undoubtedly, the PRIME Hydration brand has skilfully attracted a myriad of renowned personalities to join its ranks. With notable names like UFC champions Alex Volkanovski and Israel Adesanya, and football sensations Erling Haaland and Alisha Lehmann, it’s evident that their marketing prowess is exceptional. By partnering with such eminent figures, PRIME Hydration doesn’t just boost its brand recognition but also accentuates its allure to a broad spectrum of fans.

Meanwhile, Forbes’ list of the highest-earning creators of 2023 is not just a compilation of figures but a reflection of the changing dynamics of fame and fortune. MrBeast tops the list by a significant margin with $82 million. Jake Paul, with his $34 million earnings, and Ninja, with his $10 million. They have leveraged their online presence to establish themselves as significant players in the realms of boxing and gaming, respectively. Olivia Dunne, too, has turned her social media popularity into lucrative deals. Further proving that the digital world is indeed a goldmine for those who know how to navigate its intricacies.

KSI’s PRIME hydration: Captivating the limelight with a MrBeast twist?

When superstar YouTuber MrBeast unveiled a laser maze challenge with a whopping $250,000 prize, fans were expecting the unexpected. But what truly piqued their interest wasn’t just the intricate web of lasers. The frequent sightings of PRIME Hydration drinks stole the spotlight. As MrBeast maneuvered through the challenge, holding and discussing the PRIME drink, speculation skyrocketed.

Could this be a significant sponsorship move by KSI and Logan Paul’s booming beverage brand? With PRIME’s history of associating with top-tier personalities and now potentially adding a Maple Leaf player to their roster, it seems they’re not just aiming to quench thirst but to dominate the fitness hydration conversation across all sports. Is the digital world’s dynamic duo of KSI and Logan Paul on the brink of redefining sports hydration sponsorship? Time, and perhaps more star-studded collaborations, will tell.

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We’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you believe this fusion of influencer marketing and entrepreneurship is the blueprint for future success?

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