The relationship between a trainer and a boxer is special. It is safe to say that the bond between the two is like that of a father and son. From being in the corner of their pupil to training them hard in the gym, a trainer is responsible for the boxer’s training and tries their best to ensure the boxer wins. The passion for training and working hard leads to greatness inside the ring. Recently, the boxing world mourned the death of a legendary boxing coach.

In a recent video, a trainer takes it during a boxing fight and does not hesitate in going hand-to-hand with his pupil’s opponent. In the video, a boxer knocks down the opponent, and despite prevailing in the fight, he starts a spat with the trainer of his opponent and exchanges jabs.

A fight that went beyond boxing


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The video shows the fight between Juan Manuel Lopez and Wilfredo Vasquez Jr. The bout between the two boxers continues to the eleventh round when Lopez decides to go all out and end the fight for him. The video is posted on Twitter by Fight Haven.

Lopez overpowers Vasquez, who is already tired, and lands a consecutive combo of jabs and hooks. This ferocious attack from Lopez continues before Vasquez crashes down on the canvas. Wilfredo Vasquez Jr is the son of the former world champion Wilfredo Vasquez.

The video does not convey the reason for the beginning of the fight between the two. But it can be assumed that the trainer took personally to the loss of the fight. Valquez’s trainer lands a left hook right on the face of Lopez, which made him lose his balance, and he landed on the ropes for a bit. Both of them shared a few jabs before others intervened to stop them. But, it is commendable that Vasquez Jr. stood up to help his trainer even though he was not in good shape himself.

Fans react to trainer’s hook

Keith Rah thinks that the punches landed by the trainer would have hurt more.

Bowflexin believes that Vasquez had more in him as he stood up to defend his trainer, but he just quit early.

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@jordanrawa commented and was impressed by the trainer’s punches and defense from Lopez’s attack.

Ryan Colaco believes that the whole shenanigan was disrespectful and a person should be disciplined. And never do something like that.


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Jonny Donaghy is impressed by the trainer and thinks he got the better of the boxer.


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What are your thoughts on this altercation between a boxer and a trainer? Should they have avoided it? Let us know in the comments below.

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