Dillon Danis Shows No Remorse for Publicly Shaming Logan Paul’s Fiancee Nina Agdal

Published 08/24/2023, 2:13 AM EDT

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Sticks and stones may break bones but words will never hurt you. Dillon Danis, ahead of his contest against Logan Paul has shown no restraint towards trash-talking. Danis is a multiple-time Jujutsu champion. In addition, he is an undefeated Bellator MMA fighter. However, he is most known for his antics and bold trash talk. He is set to face the ‘Maverick,’ on October 14, Saturday 2023 on MISFITS 009 card.

Moreover, before the bout, Danis posted a series of images that took shots at Paul’s finance, Nina Agdal. In the pictures, Danis attempted to insinuate Agdal as having multiple romantic partners. Such antics may ignite polarizing opinions. However, Danis shows no remorse and defends his actions.

Dillion Danis defends his antics ahead of his showdown against Logan Paul


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Paul has taken serious objection to Danis posting intimate pictures of his fiancée in the public domain. It was also reported in the boxing world that Paul sent the undefeated MMA fighter a legal notice and jeopardized the bout. In response, Danis asserted that the images were already in the public domain and is allowed to re-post them on his Twitter account.

Further, he challenged Paul to settle his animosity inside the ring when the two will have their clash.  In a Tweet, he stated, “Everything’s public, my g. Not my fault your girl ran though. You got a problem? Handle it. October 14th, live on pay-per-view.”

It is safe to say that Danis is far from apologetic. If anything, he is willing to justify his antics and one may agree or disagree with his response. But do you ever wonder, how is Danis aware of so much about Paul’s fiancée? Danis himself weighs in on his “Informants.”

Danis reveals his “Informants” Who Helped Him Troll Logan Paul’s Fiancée


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American YouTuber, Adin Ross felt that there must be an “informant” in Paul’s team who is providing Danis the lesser-known information about Agdal. Danis responded to him on Twitter and mockingly revealed that his informant is the 28-year-old’s brother Jake Paul and his best friend, Mike Majlak. He stated, “My informants are Mike Majlak & Jake Paul.”

Danis is unapologetically himself. Many find him to be unbearable while there is a section that is amused by his persona and questionable antics. So, we ask you, what do you make of this entire fight build-up? Has Danis crossed the line? Share with us in the comments below.


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