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“Disaster”: After KSI’s Elbow Knockout Controversy, WBC President Refusing to Comment Makes Boxing World Go Wild

Published 05/14/2023, 9:17 AM EDT

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The boxing ring – a stage where glory is won, and controversies are born. The latest saga to unfold in this drama-filled world features YouTube sensation KSI and his contentious victory over Joe Fournier at the Misfits Boxing 7 event. Picture this: the crowd roars as KSI lands a knockout punch, cementing his triumph in the second round.

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What if, however, the applause was premature? What if the decisive blow was not a fist, but an elbow? Enter Mauricio Sulaiman, President of the World Boxing Council, with a video that has lit the fuse on a powder keg of debate. An illegal elbow in boxing – that’s about as odd as a handball in soccer.

The community weighs in on KSI vs Joe Fournier’s outcome


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The boxing community has been buzzing since a video was posted by Mauricio Sulaiman, the WBC President, on his Twitter account. The footage suggests that KSI’s knockout punch in his fight against Joe Fournier could have been an illegal elbow. Sulaiman accompanied this controversial clip with the cryptic caption: “Rather not comment. Thoughts on this? #ksivsfournier.” This ambiguous stance triggered an array of reactions.

Leading the charge, Benjamin Flores, coach of Jake Paul, gave a succinct and powerful reaction to the incident, describing it in one word: “Disaster.”


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Ishé Oluwa Kamau Ali Smith responded with visible frustration, “Didn’t you promise to rank the winner of Paul Vs Fury. Now you don’t have a comment on the fuckery? Are you ranking KSI as well?”

Another user, Brig, echoed similar sentiments, “Thoughts on an illegal elbow in a boxing match? Why don’t you comment on it?”

Some fans took a more neutral approach. User jhggghbnnmmnm noted, “From that angle it looks bad but from others it doesn’t. I wouldn’t want to be the boxing commission dealing with this appeal. I’ve seen so many angles and some look like JJ hits him with the right and Joe falls into the elbow.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Arthif Daniel and Sean Gibbons believed the incident to be an unintentional foul. Dr. Daniel proposed, “Unintentional foul. Should have been ruled a ‘No Contest.’ Another example in boxing where a VAR/instant replay would have been beneficial in helping provide a fair & proper result.”


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Gibbons concurred, “Accidental foul .. Elbow should have been No Contest.”


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The video posted by Mauricio Sulaiman, suggesting an illegal elbow, has put the legitimacy of KSI’s win under scrutiny. From condemnations to calls for a ‘No Contest’ ruling, the reactions have been as varied as they are passionate.

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Yet, the question remains: was it a deliberate foul or a simple accident of intense combat? As we wait for official rulings, the court of public opinion remains in session. So, what’s your take on this incident? Join the conversation and let us know your thoughts.

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