“Don’t Even Wanna See This Fight Anymore”: Fans Voice Their Frustrations After Oleksandr Usyk Gives an Ultimatum to Tyson Fury

Published 03/19/2023, 12:53 AM EDT

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Will ‘The Cat’ maul ‘The Gypsy King’? Or will he relinquish his throne? This is a question that remains fresh in the hearts of fans, as Tyson Fury prepares to face unified Heavyweight champion, Oleksandr Usyk, for an undisputed showdown. While the fight in itself is a highly anticipated event, the drama revolving around the fight has further hyped it up. In fact, Fury has been regularly taking swipes at Usyk ever since the matchup was announced. And now it looks like it’s Usyk’s turn to respond with a deadline.


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In a social media post, Usyk announced that his team has sent an agreement to Fury. And also mentioned that they have issue a deadline for his team to respond. Moreover, Usyk added that his team has tried their best to ensure that the fight happens.

This statement comes at a time when Usyk’s promoter, Alexander Krassyuk, expressed his frustrations over the lack of response from Fury’s side. In an interview with SkySports, he said, “We’ve been negotiating for so many months. We went through all the small issues, bigger issues, large issues whatever. So it’s all done already.”

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He further mentioned, “But the one thing that was pending was Tyson’s consent, which is still pending. Though he claims he’s ready and pretends he’s training.” Krassyuk also felt that Fury’s words were not convincing.

Fans were confused by the Oleksandr Usyk – Tyson Fury situation

Boxing fans were undoubtedly frustrated by the ongoing banter between Usyk and Fury. And, many fans even mentioned that they have lost interest in the fight due to the inconclusiveness surrounding it.

A few fans were left confused as there was news of the duo agreeing to the terms. Moreover, user @hendo416 did not waste time in saying that he did not wish to see the fight.

In the same vein, user @gFoz_ was unsure if Fury and Usyk actually wanted to fight each other.

Meanwhile, some fans pointed out the dichotomy of the deadlines set by both fighters. And also stated that they might be avoiding the fight.


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On the other hand, a few users sided with Usyk during the entire debacle. In fact, user @tomnbone90 was certain that Fury was ducking the fight. What are your thoughts on this fight situation? Let us know in the comments below.

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