“Dude Is Ready for the Next Marathon”: Shakur Stevenson Inadvertently Becomes a Laughing Stock as Bold Statement Falls on Deaf Ears Among Boxing World

Published 04/10/2024, 6:30 AM EDT

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Shakur Stevenson stands at a career crossroads. His victory against Edwin De Los Santos last November was met with boos. The match, criticized for its lack of action, disappointed many. Stevenson, known for his tactical genius, won by evading rather than engaging. But is this enough to satisfy boxing fans?

Now, he’s aiming for redemption. With a physique ready for battle, Stevenson promises a spectacle in July. His recent social media post was intended to signal this shift. Will he deliver on his promise? Or will his next fight mirror the last, leaving fans wanting more?

Shakur Stevenson is ready to prove haters wrong


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In a recent move to set the tone for his upcoming bout, Shakur Stevenson took to Twitter. He shared a shirtless picture from his training center, showcasing his six-pack abs and flexed right bicep. His caption, “July they gone see I’m not the one to disrespect 😤 #ChasingGreatness,” was a clear declaration of his intent.

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On July 6, Stevenson is scheduled to defend his title against Artem Harutyunyan at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J. This match not only marks Stevenson’s return but also promises to be a pivotal moment in his career. Going from his previous performance, Stevenson aims to prove that his boxing style can captivate and entertain.

Fans crave more than just win


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Following Stevenson’s confident declaration, the reaction from the boxing community was as varied as the sport’s rich tapestry. One fan elevated Stevenson to the pinnacle of Puerto Rican boxing, underscoring a belief in his unmatched prowess.

Contrastingly, another pointed out a dichotomy in Stevenson’s career: despite his undeniable talent, some of his fights lack the kinetic excitement many fans crave.

This sentiment was echoed, albeit with humor, by another fan who likened Stevenson’s readiness to that of a marathon runner, a playful nod to his endurance-centric fighting style.

Further commentary highlighted a respect for Stevenson’s condition but coupled it with hope for a more dynamic performance than his last, reflecting a yearning among fans for fights that leave them on the edge of their seats.

One particular response took a direct approach, questioning Stevenson’s expectations for the upcoming fight and whether he aims for a knockout, seeking clarity on whether the promise of July would translate into a more aggressive approach in the ring.

As July 6th draws near, the anticipation around Shakur Stevenson’s bout intensifies, fueled by a mixture of skepticism and hope among fans.

Will he adapt to the clamor for more engaging fights, or will his tactical prowess continue to define his path?



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