The sport of boxing has extended beyond the clash between two skilled warriors in the ring. In a couple of years, many celebrities from different walks of life have got their gloves on to showcase their warrior spirit in the exhibition bouts. However, the former World’s Strongest Man, Eddie Hall, and Hafthor Bjornsson are also going to put their names on the same list.

Though these clashes do not involve titles, however, the grudge that leads to the trading of leather between rookies creates pretty intense hype because of the backing of millions of followers.


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Recently, Eddie Hall, aka ‘The Beast’, took to his YouTube channel “Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall’ and dropped a video clip. Basically, the clip is an episode of a series that is being made by the 34-year-old giant to showcase his training for the desolation of Thor.

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However, in this video, ‘The Beast’ detailed the brutal sparring session, which left him with an injured eye.

What did Eddie hall say about sparring?

Ahead of the heaviest boxing event in the sport’s history, the British strongman is sweating hard to amaze his arch-rival ‘The Mountain’ of Game of Thrones.

In a hilarious clip, he said, “I’ve got Big Red. Who you’ve met briefly but Big Red here and he’s going to be my main sparring partner. Whilst we’re here, I think I’ll do a couple of sparring sessions, but try and keep the power down.”


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“I’ll send Hannah the picture to put this video but Big Red hit me that hard the other week he actually shot one of my eyes down so this pupil went tiny and this one stayed the same so he gave me a concussion basically and I had a bad head for about three days so it’s good fun.”

The World is going to witness a bizarre rumble between Eddie Hall and Hafthor Bjornsson on March 19th, 2022. However, their clash would have landed in 2021 but because of a bicep injury, ‘The Beast’ has pulled out of the fight.

As of now, he is fit and focused on his goal of settling scores in Dubai at Tennis Stadium.


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