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Fans Stunned as 77-Year-Old Sylvester Stallone Looks “Sharp” After Visiting a Boxing Gym, Frank Grillo and Frank Stallone Jr. Join the ‘Rocky’ Star

Published 07/23/2023, 8:39 AM EDT

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What happens when you spot the iconic Sylvester Stallone, the versatile Frank Grillo, and the musician Frank Stallone standing outside a famous boxing gym? Your curiosity peaks. This isn’t an ordinary gym selfie, but a photo brimming with intrigue and Hollywood glamour. Stallone, at the age of 77, poses as spirited as ever, a classic figure of enduring vitality.

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Yet, this meeting of Hollywood elites isn’t confined to the confines of the gym. The photo captures them in a unique moment outside the gym, fists raised in a triumphant display of camaraderie. No boxing gloves, no workout gear, just an interesting trio that stirs curiosity. One would wonder, what’s brewing here? A reunion, a new project, or merely a random encounter? And why at a boxing gym? The intrigue escalates.

Is Grillo the new ‘Old School’ action hero? Fans seem to think so

Unveiling the picture, Stallone’s Instagram post quickly turned into a frenzy of admiration and speculation. But it wasn’t just the photograph that created a buzz. It was Stallone’s caption, paying homage to Grillo’s athleticism and acting prowess, and of course, his brother Frank affectionately referred to as ‘The Tank’. This gesture set the stage for an enthusiastic outpour of reactions from fans and followers.

Among the admirers, Tony DeGennaro was quick to comment, “Looking sharp, Sly! That’s one fantastic group of paisans! 🇮🇹”.

Justin Fortune expressed his pleasure in hosting the trio, stating, “Great having you in the gym today mate”. These reactions echoed the sentiments of many, appreciating the rare sight of these personalities together.

Interestingly, some followers saw this as more than just a friendly gathering. Fan Tahseen Alsadi pitched an intriguing idea, suggesting that Grillo would make an excellent Marion Cobretti, Frank Grillo would make a great Marion Cobretti if you ever wanted to resurrect the character!” he added.

Furthering the Grillo appreciation, Cian Foley requested for more action roles for the actor, commenting, “Frank Grillo needs more action movies. He’s like one of the old school action heroes.”

Notably, Frank Grillo himself responded to the post with a hearty comment, “was good to get some laughs today brother. you look great as always”. His reply not only displayed their camaraderie but also amplified the positive vibe surrounding the snapshot.

This friendly snapshot outside the Fortune Boxing Gym sparked a wave of admiration, speculation, and some intriguing suggestions from fans. It’s a testament to Stallone’s enduring appeal and Grillo’s rising star. Yet, the question remains, is this just an incidental meeting or the hint of an exciting collaboration in the offing?

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We leave you, to ponder this question, keeping in mind that in the unpredictable world of Hollywood, anything is possible. What do you think this intriguing trio is up to? Share your thoughts with us.

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