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Things have gone from bad to worse for legendary five division champion Floyd Mayweather! According to a report from The Source, ‘Money’ Mayweather has landed himself in hot waters yet again after allegations surfaced, suggesting Mayweather scammed Mexican promoters out of a staggering $1 million. 

The update comes after reports surfaced earlier that Floyd Mayweather was being held in Dubai against his wishes for unpaid dues in the country. However, days later, other reports suggested the undefeated boxer had resurfaced in Las Vegas. Not long after, Mayweather teased an exhibition bout against an unknown opponent, which later turned out to be former rival Victor Ortiz


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But! In yet another twist, the former world champion removed the post, where he teased the 24 August fight. In a subsequent Instagram story, Floyd Mayweather hinted at still being “stuck in Dubai,” contradicting the previous reports of his arrival in the United States. And now, sources say ‘Money’ failed to appear at the press conference in Mexico for his exhibition fight. 

In the meantime, a report from WBN suggests Mayweather’s absence from the press conference has left organizers and journalists scratching their heads, wondering what led to Mayweather’s no-show. Also, Victor Ortiz, who seemingly was supposed to face the five division champion, was dropped from the main event of the night.

The Mexican government, actively involved in organizing the event in their country, has also expressed disdain about Mayweather’s actions amid the chaos. While things don’t look good for the Ortiz fight, here’s a walk down the memory lane to Mayweather and Ortiz’s first fight. 


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Floyd Mayweather vs. Victor Ortiz: A controversial end

All the way back in September 2011, ‘Money’ Mayweather and Ortiz went toe-to-toe for the latter’s WBC welterweight strap! The now retired boxer was coming off sixteen months of inactivity from the sport, and what happened during the fight made it Mayweather’s most controversial fight so far.

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Come round four, Mayweather ate a blatant head-butt from Ortiz, which resulted in the referee deducting a point from the boxer. However, when Ortiz tried hugging Mayweather again, and the referee separated them, Floyd Mayweather threw a combination that sent Ortiz to the canvas, ending the fight. A dozen or so years later, Mayweather’s attempts at organizing the rematch seem to have failed. 


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It’s unclear what’s next for Floyd Mayweather—will he fight someone else? Didn’t he get paid enough? Will the Mexican government take legal action against Mayweather? Only time will tell what’s in store for Floyd Mayweather. Until then, what do you think is happening to Floyd Mayweather?