Floyd Mayweather Explains Truth Behind $18 Million Check and $1 Million Suite Ticket That Went Viral

Published 02/20/2024, 11:48 PM EST

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It’s no secret that Floyd Mayweather is a spender! Dropping millions on watches, cars, and mansions is what he is known for. However, when the retired boxer dropped over $18 million on tax payments and another $1 million plus on Super Bowl tickets, it took even his devoted followers by surprise!

Not long ago, the richest boxer in the world turned to social media to share his $18 million payment to the IRS. Not long after that – reports came out that he bought a suite for himself and 34 others for the Super Bowl. It’s not counting the million he spent on his Super Bowl party! However, his lavish spending left some, including Oscar De La Hoya, skeptical about Mayweather’s claims. So, ‘Money’ Mayweather appeared in The Pivot Podcast today to set things straight about the payouts. 

Floyd Mayweather claims he had to go to the bank himself


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Speaking to Ryan Clark and Channing Crowder during the podcast, Mayweather stood behind his massive spending, claiming, “This [is] the truth. I’m not lying. Those are quick little temporary checks.” He further explained that he had to wire $12 million from another account because nobody has that kind of money lying around in a regular account!

“I told them, give me 12 cuz if anybody knows about business, you don’t keep that type of money in a regular account, so I had to wire the money from somewhere…I went straight to the bank. I had to go to the bank myself to make sure s**t get done because the thing is, I can’t make all the money and let somebody else do all the dictating and do all the controlling,” said Mayweather.


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Moreover, he consulted his tax attorney about the amount that needed to be paid, after which he made the payment. “My tax attorney said, this [is] what we need our first year. [He] told me he needed, I think it was 17, like 9995, something like that. [One] day later, it said over 18. I’m like, give it to him,” said Mayweather. 


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Later in the podcast, Floyd Mayweather turned to his Super Bowl tickets, suggesting he contacted his ‘ticket guy’, with whom Floyd has been working with for years. “When the Baltimore Ravens was playing against the Kansas City Chiefs, I call my guy the ticket guy…remember for years and years I was behind the scenes, doing a lot of music tours with Al Haymon. So, I know all the ticket guys,” said Mayweather.

Oscar De La Hoya Dismisses Floyd Mayweather’s $18 Million Tax Check Calling It ‘Not Real’

Having been in contact with his ticket guy for years, Mayweather revealed he wanted tickets for his whole team in the Super Bowl. “I said, yo, I need seats to the game just in case, I mean, for my team. I knew I was going to take a lot of people…I know some more people want to go, so we had another bill looking for a suite,” said Mayweather.


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All that said, the beginning of 2024 turned out to be an expensive affair for the richest boxer in the history of boxing. Nevertheless, Floyd Mayweather did not shy away from spending an unbelievable amount like it was pennies to him. What do you think about his lavish spending considering  it is just the beginning of the year? Let us know in the comments below!

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