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Floyd Mayweather, Justin Bieber & Kim Kardashian Are Part of the Elusive Yet Embarrassing Ferrari Ban Club

Published 05/13/2022, 12:30 PM EDT

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Ferrari is one of the best car manufacturers in the world. Every big-name celebrity owns at least one of their cars to boast about their wealth. However, it seems not everyone can buy this luxurious automobile. Floyd Mayweather, Justin Bieber, and Kim Kardashian are among the few celebrities who have been banned by Italian manufacturers.

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Even though Ferrari denies the existence of any such blacklist, there is evidence to prove otherwise.


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Why did Ferrari ban Floyd Mayweather and other celebrities?

Ferrari is one of the most luxurious cars every celebrity tries to get their hands on one of them. However, the Italian manufacturers handpick the people who can own their cars. They despise it when owners don’t respect their wishes, as according to them, owning a Ferrari is representing that brand.

Floyd Mayweather has been supposedly included in the blacklist because of his inability to keep the car for long and he only buys the cars to flaunt them. Other celebrities like Justin Bieber, who lost his blue Ferrari, which was found 3 weeks later by his assistant as well as Kim Kardashian, are banned by Ferrari.


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A Brief History of the Friendship Between Floyd Mayweather and Justin Bieber

about 1 year ago

It goes to show that having an exorbitant amount of money is not enough to be a part of ‘Scuderia Ferrari’.

Mayweather’s luxurious car collection

Long-term friends turned strangers, Floyd Mayweather and Justin Bieber share a love for automobiles. In an Instagram post, the undefeated boxer mentioned the number of cars he owns. He said, “I got about 100 cars.”


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Mayweather has a garage full of all kinds of luxurious cars like Ferrari, Bentley, Lamborghini, etc. Even though Ferrari has banned the richest boxer from buying any new models, Mayweather can still flaunt the other cars that he already owns.


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