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Floyd Mayeather Jr is one of the most successful boxers ever to grace in the ring. He ended his career on an unprecedented scale as an all-time undefeated five-division champion. It’s a feat not many have been able to achieve. It is safe to say that anyone would like to trade places with Mayweather Jr for all his glory. But the personal life of the champ was not always glittery. Even though he was never defeated inside the ring, Mayweather Jr experienced many losses outside. His ex-girlfriend Josie Harris was found dead at 40 in 2020, which was hard for the boxer.

Recently, he took to Instagram to remember the mother of his three children and shared a beautiful picture of their three children.

Mayweather Jr remembers Josie Harris


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Josie Harrie, who had three kids, Zion, Jirah, and Koraun, with Floyd Mayweather Jr, died in 2020. Reportedly, she was found unresponsive inside the car parked in the driveway of her house in California. The reason for her death was later found to be an overdose.

Mayweather Jr took to Instagram and shared a picture of his three children, who Josie Harris mothered. The former champ shared the photo, remembering Harris on her death anniversary. While posting the photo, he wrote, “Josie and I’s babies. Remembrance day. We miss you, Josie!”

Throughout their relationship from 1995 to 2010, the duo had their share of rough patches and hard times. But they raised all three kids together. Mayweather Jr also has two more kids apart from his three with Harris. Even though the champ conquered the sport of boxing, he was helpless at Harris’s death.

The relationship between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Josie Harris

Harris and Mayweather junior were high school sweethearts. They had known each other from age sixteen and had feelings toward each other.

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However, sometimes things don’t turn out how one expects them to. They were so passionate about each other that passion shaped possessiveness. But, even though they had rough times, the duo always prioritized their children. In her book, published after her death, Harris recalled how the duo tried to run cars over each other.

After Harris’s death, Mayweather Jr has been open about his pain and struggles to cope up with the loss. The pain of losing someone can be understood by very few and the boxer was one of them. Mayweather’s fighting spirit can be credited to have played a role in helping him fight the pain.


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