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Floyd Mayweather Sends Stern Message To Haters Of His Exhibition Fights

Published 11/19/2023, 11:39 AM EST

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Floyd Mayweather retired in 2017. However, he continues to compete in exhibition fights. Moreover, he makes millions and millions of dollars by fighting opponents much less formidable than him. Not to mention, as per TMZ, it is rumored that the boxer is set to make his return in an exhibition bout against John Gotti III in February of next year.

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That being said, a substantial section of the boxing world is not a fan of such bouts and to an extent is in a state of frenzy. But Mayweather remains unbothered and has a stern message for them. Let’s hear all he had to say.

Floyd Mayweather addresses his critics


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Mayweather, although a proclaimed boxer, is also polarizing. Throughout his career, ‘TBE,’ was susceptible to scrutiny and criticism that prolongs even today.  However, according to Mayweather, his critics and haters are envious of the fact that he continues to make millions after becoming the richest boxer of all time. In addition, he asserted that this jealousy was also ignited as he became a billionaire at a relatively young age.

Reflecting on the same, he stated, “See they upset because I’m able to milk the game. I’m smart. I made a lot of smart investments. You know what? Great people like Warren Buffet, when they get money, their 50s-60s, 80s, and even 90s it’s okay. I was able to leave boxing, on my own terms. To keep all my factories, kept a lot of money. So they are upset that I’m able to go out there and make 40-60 Million.”


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It is safe to say ‘TBE’ justifies his exhibitions and is not phased by his critics. One cannot have this mindset without self-belief. So let’s find out the stem of his mental strength.

Mayweather weighs in on a successful mindset

The 50-0 is more than a boxer. He is a global icon and inspiration. In an interview, he reveals that one must refrain from complaining and be accountable in life to be successful. In addition, one must also not go down the loophole of comparing and ending up jealous.


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He stated, “A lot of times, we cry, we complain about things that aren’t really important. We always worry about who got the ‘Most’ or ‘who got this, who got that’.”

It is due to this mindset, ‘TBE,’ attained the feet he did in his career and continues to do. Moreover, we are curious to know what you make of his comments. Share with us your thoughts and opinions below.


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