Floyd Mayweather Steps Into Another Venture That Goes Against His Own Principle

Published 02/07/2024, 9:05 AM EST

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Floyd Mayweather, a champion who neither drinks nor smokes, launching Mayweather Vapes? Odd, isn’t it? How does a sports icon, known for a disciplined lifestyle, dive into the vaping market? First, it was champagne, then whisky. Now, vaping. Each step seems more contradictory than the last.

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Mayweather’s ventures challenge the expected. Is he rewriting the rules of brand identity, or is this a strategic misstep? How does a figure celebrated for his physical fitness endorse products he personally avoids?

Smoke with Floyd Mayweather (Or maybe not)

Floyd Mayweather recently ventured into the vaping industry, a decision that has raised eyebrows given his abstention from similar products. On his Instagram story, he featured a photo of Mayweather Vapes, teasing, “Follow @mayweathervapes.” The brand itself, capturing the essence of Mayweather’s boxing legacy, posted, “Behind every champion, there’s a story of resilience, strength, and unparalleled commitment. 🚀 #ComingSoon – A vaping experience that’s as commanding and victorious as Mayweather’s undefeated record.”

Shortly after, Mayweather Vapes showcased their lineup with an enticing post: “Step into the ring with 15 unbeatable contenders. 🥊💨 Each flavor in our #MayweatherVape lineup is a champion in its own right, ready to deliver a punch of taste that lasts round after round.🌈🌀🍉🍓.” This introduction promised a diverse flavor profile, from “Blue Razz” to “Tropical Rainbow,” aiming to redefine the vaping experience with quality and variety.

Previously, Mayweather surprised many by launching his own champagne and whisky brands. Le Bon Argent Brut, an exclusive champagne brand, and Good Money Canadian Whisky, unveiled in October 2023, each reflect a lifestyle of opulence and celebration. Despite Mayweather’s personal lifestyle choices, these ventures have been marketed as embodying the “Mayweather lifestyle” — luxurious, victorious, and elite.

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Transitioning from sports to the alcohol industry was unexpected, yet Mayweather navigated this shift with strategic precision. Similarly, his move into vaping continues this pattern of exploring lucrative markets, regardless of personal abstention. Through these ventures, Mayweather not only diversifies his business portfolio but also challenges conventional expectations of celebrity-endorsed products. Each step, from champagne to whisky, and now to vaping, illustrates a deliberate expansion of the Mayweather brand into realms beyond the boxing ring.

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Is Mayweather redefining the blueprint for celebrity-endorsed businesses, or is he venturing too far from his core identity?



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