“[Floyd] Mayweather Still Beats You Today”: Oscar De La Hoya’s Call-Out to All “Overweight, Ugly, Unemployed Losers” Backfires With Fans’ Harsh Response

Published 11/14/2023, 6:15 AM EST

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Oscar De La Hoya, a boxing titan, recently lit up Twitter with an unusual challenge. Known for his jabs and hooks in the ring, his latest punch was thrown digitally. In an age where athletes often become social media influencers, De La Hoya’s approach was unorthodox. He posted a video, showcasing his rigorous training, but it wasn’t just the workout that caught attention.

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His caption was a brazen call-out, not to fellow boxers, but to his critics. The response was swift, reflecting the complex nature of sports stardom today. In an era where every tweet can be a headline, De La Hoya’s words spun a web of intrigue, leaving fans and onlookers curious.

Fans invoke Mayweather in response to De La Hoya’s challenge


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Oscar De La Hoya’s post, a video of him performing hanging knee raises, was accompanied by a caption that was both daring and provocative. He openly challenged his critics, inviting comments only from those he labeled as overweight, ugly, unmotivated, unemployed, and losers. This bold statement set the stage for a variety of reactions from his fans.

Firstly, one fan swiftly connected De La Hoya’s post to his longstanding rivalry with Floyd Mayweather, subtly implying that Mayweather could still best him in a match today.


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Another fan took a more humorous and self-reflective approach. Acknowledging his own physical condition, he expressed admiration for De La Hoya’s efforts. Further infusing the conversation with a light-hearted and supportive tone.

Then, one fan chimed in, speculating about a potential return of ‘The Golden Boy’ to the boxing ring. His comment hinted at excitement and anticipation for a possible comeback.

However, one person struck a more skeptical note. He questioned the authenticity of De La Hoya’s physical condition, particularly his abs.

Another keen observer’s response stood out with its positivity. He praised De La Hoya for his remarkable fitness at the age of 50, acknowledging the hard work and dedication it takes to maintain such a physique.

Each of these reactions, painted a picture of the diverse perspectives and opinions that fans hold about their sports heroes.

Fans dream up epic 2024 boxing showdowns for De La Hoya’s Vegas bash

Oscar De La Hoya, taking on the role of a whimsical game master, ignited his fanbase’s imagination with an enticing challenge on Twitter. He invited fans to step into the shoes of a boxing promoter and predict the four biggest fights of 2024. The reward for accurate predictions? An exclusive invitation to a Christmas party at his new Las Vegas mansion.


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This novel idea sparked a flurry of responses, with followers eagerly proposing dream matchups featuring the crème de la crème of the boxing world. The task, blending fantasy with the thrill of possibility, captured the community’s enthusiasm. As the predictions poured in, the anticipation for December 2024 grew.

Oscar’s inventive approach to engaging with his fans highlights the unique and evolving relationship between sports icons and their audience. From provocative training videos to imaginative challenges, De La Hoya has mastered the art of keeping the conversation around him vibrant and varied.

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Now, as we await the outcome of these predictions, what dream matchups would you propose, and how do you think they would unfold in the dynamic world of boxing?

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