Floyd Mayweather: “Usher Wouldn’t Like It if Somebody Danced on His Better Half”

Published 02/21/2024, 9:11 AM EST

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Usher came under heavy fire recently for his performance during the Super Bowl LVIII. The American singer, songwriter, and dancer became public enemy number one after his intimate performance with Alicia Keys at the halftime show. While he doesn’t think of it as a big deal, Floyd Mayweather doesn’t feel the same way.

The undefeated retired boxing legend appeared in an interview with The Pivot Podcast today! And as one would guess, Channing Crowder, one of the hosts on the podcast and an NFL linebacker, probed Mayweather about his thoughts on the incident. So, Mayweather, who is no stranger to controversies, expressed his thoughts. 

Floyd Mayweather differentiates between respect and disrespect


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During the podcast, Crowder asked, “What if Usher came and danced on your girl, would it be cool like y’all homeboys?” Despite never having been married, Floyd has been with several partners throughout his life. So, he had an expertly thought-out answer ready to go. He said, “My thing is this, there is respect and disrespect.”


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He proceeded to elaborate, “Now, Usher wouldn’t like it if somebody danced on his better half. So, certain things we approve of and disapprove of. I’m not the jealous type, I’m the want to be respected type,” said Floyd Mayweather. He clearly does not approve of Usher’s behavior during the Super Bowl LVIII performance. However, Usher claims Swizz Beatz, Alicia Keys’ husband, was cool with everything.

Usher claims, “It’s all, love!”

A whole week after the half-time show performance during the Super Bowl LVIII, Usher appeared in The Breakfast Club podcast. Reflecting on the incident, the singer said, “In no way, anything that was done there should have been viewed as bad or in any way perverted or anything like that. It was literally about having fun because of a song that me and Alicia made many years ago.”


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When asked whether the backlash for the performance made Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys laugh about it, Usher confirmed that they did. “Absolutely. We laughed about it. It’s crazy how people pick and handle [it]. It’s all about how you present things. But it’s all love,” said Usher. Also, it’s worth mentioning that even Beatz didn’t seem too bothered by the performance in a statement after the performance. 

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As Usher became the center of controversy after his Super Bowl performance, Floyd Mayweather has given his verdict on the incident. However, whether Usher agrees with what Floyd said is yet to be seen! What are your thoughts on Usher’s performance with Alicia Keys? Do you agree with Mayweather? Or do you think it was blown way out of proportion? 

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