Floyd Mayweather Workout: How Does the Legend Stay in Shape Throughout the Year?

January 11, 2021 8:43 pm

Floyd Mayweather, the unbeaten 5-division world champion, is a household name for several reasons. However, Mayweather’s lavish lifestyle and flamboyant charisma make him much more than just a boxer.

The 43-year-old is a boxing superstar and his stardom surpasses the limits of the squared circle. That said, Floyd Mayweather is also a fitness maniac and despite retiring in 2017, he still takes his workout regime very seriously.

While several boxers lose their physical attributes after retirement, Mayweather looks like he has just hit his prime. Starting from his shredded physique to his boxing skills, Mayweather is still on top of his game.

That justifies his comeback against Logan Paul in a special exhibition clash on February 20th. But how does the former champion maintain his shape? Here’s a look at Mayweather’s workout routine that garners attention from all over the world.

LAS VEGAS, NV – SEPTEMBER 12: Floyd Mayweather Jr. walks in the ring during his WBC/WBA welterweight title fight against Andre Berto at MGM Grand Garden Arena on September 12, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Mayweather has a unique workout plan, and he shared the details with fans in a recent interaction with Muscle and Fitness. The former World Champion cited some important details on how to burn fat.


‘Money May’ begins his workout with a warmup up of 1-2 minutes. He claims that it has several benefits, likely increasing the heart rate.

Speaking on it, Mayweather said, “Before each workout, I warm up for 1-2 minutes with dynamic movements and stretching in order to raise my heart rate, warm up my joints, and prepare my body for exercise.

Subsequently, Mayweather divides his workout into 3 different parts. Each part has its own unique plan, and the World Champion follows all of them. Here’s how he divides his whole exercise regime.


One minute Jump Rope, 10 Pushups / 20 Second Plank Super Set, 10 Ab Rollouts / 10 Crunches Super Set, 10 Jumping Squats / 10 Reverse Lunges with a Twist Super Set, One-Minute Shadow Boxing with Weights – Jab, Cross.


One-Minute Jump Rope Side Swing, 15 Pushups / 25 Second Plank Super Set, 15 Ab Rollouts / 15 Crunches Super Set, 15 Jumping Squats / 15 Reverse Lunges with a Twist Super Set, One-Minute Shadow Boxing with Weights – Hooks.


One-Minute Jump Rope–Double Jumps, 20 Pushups / 30 Second Plank Super Set, 20 Ab Rollouts / 20 Crunches Super Set, 20 Jumping Squats / 20 Reverse Lunges with a Twist Super Set, One-Minute Shadow Boxing with Weights–Uppercuts

In addition to the whole workout, Mayweather also divides his boxing training into 3 parts. In the first round, he practices jabs and crosses, followed by hooks in the second. In the third round, Mayweather solely focuses on uppercuts. Not only that, but Mayweather also cools himself down as he calls it extremely important.

“Once your workout is complete, it is important to cool down with static stretching to lengthen the muscles, improve recovery, and reduce the risk of injuries,” said the veteran boxer.

This is the entire workout plan of Mayweather, and it has been beneficial for him over the course of his career. Do you think Mayweather has the best workout routine in the boxing world?

Raj Sarkar

Raj Sarkar is a Boxing author at Essentially sports. He also happens to be a combat sports fan who takes an interest in everything and anything that is combat sports.

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