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Floyd Mayweather’s Boxing Style: Does He Fight Like a Coward?

Published 12/31/2020, 7:45 AM EST

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The biggest star of combat sports, Floyd Mayweather, had an enthralling boxing run. ‘Money’ had an extensive 21-year run into professional boxing. Over the course of his entire career, Mayweather fought 50 times and triumphed in all the fights. He had an unbreakable style that helped him slide onto the top of his opponents’ game plans.

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But many fans argue that Mayweather’s style as extremely defensive as it keeps him away from a proper fight inside the ring. Here, we try to analyze Floyd Mayweather’s unusual boxing style.


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In 50 professional fights, there have hardly been a handful of opponents who almost broke Mayweather’s defense to stagger him.

The Floyd Mayweather style of boxing compiles a major chunk of defense and substantial offensive style. ‘Money’ lets his opponents enter his radar, and smothers them with quick attacks. Mayweather was one of the best counter punchers in the sport.

Defense plays a huge part in Mayweather’s style. He uses his shoulders to block his chin. The bicep and forearm protect the body shots coming on him. The elbows guard the punches towards the ribs. Overall, Mayweather packs himself so well that it’s difficult to land a perfect shot on him.

This position allows Mayweather to both attack and defend tremendously. In the same stance, he can dodge the powerful punches coming off his opponents and simultaneously attack as they leave their chins open.

Reflexes and sheer timing are a vital part of Mayweather’s style. Over the years, ‘Money’ mastered his own style of boxing. Mayweather has been impeccably employing these skills inside the ring, and this is predominantly why he’s counted among the best.

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Does Floyd Mayweather possess the best style in boxing?


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Boxing fans often wish to see fighters finish their bouts as early as possible. They cite Floyd Mayweather as a legend for the obvious records he exhibits, but he truly never got enough respect for the mighty fight style and IQ he has. Not just defense wise, but Mayweather showcased enough power as well to discard his opponents.

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Needless to say, Floyd Mayweather certainly had the best fighting style in boxing.

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The American boxer cemented himself as the greatest ever to step inside the ring juts by his unique manner of tackling his opponents.

What do you make of Floyd Mayweather’s defensive boxing style?



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