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14 Years After Marriage and Having 2 Kids, Mike Tyson Reveals Real Reason He Calls His Wife a “Witch”

Published 09/25/2023, 10:18 AM EDT

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The boxing world is full of heavy hitters, but few names carry as much weight as Mike Tyson. Known for his destructive punching power inside the ring, he has always had a knack for grabbing the spotlight. Most of the time, it’s either because of an indomitable fighting spirit or unfiltered commentary on life outside the ring. However, this time, it’s about what Mike said during the latest episode of his podcast.

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Recently, Mike played host to a Neuroscience Professor and Researcher, Andrew Huberman, in his popular podcast, Hotboxin’ With Mike Tyson. As one would expect, when two great minds come together, the conversation turns intriguing. The same thing happened in the latest episode of Mike’s podcast. Mike revealed the shocking reason why he calls his wife, Lakiha Spicer, a witch. But it’s not for the reason one would think.

Mike Tyson thinks his wife has influenced their children


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Deep into the podcast, Huberman brought up Mike’s children, saying, “Your kids were in here…earlier, and uh, they were asking questions about sleep and dreaming.” Huberman complimented Mike’s children by explaining, “You have very inquisitive, very smart children.” Huberman then described his conversation with Mike’s children, revealing their curious inquiries about sleep. 

In response, Mike explained the reason behind his children’s inquisitive nature. Mike asserted his wife’s spiritual connection with the outside world has influenced their children. “ I like to call her a witch, but you know, she is very um…conscious of us like…matter of fact, what do you think? Why are you here talking about what you are talking about?” said Mike during the podcast. 


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Huberman probed further by asking if she was always that way. “Did she do that from the moment you met her?” asked Huberman. Mike responded by explaining that she did and that she was always curious about her existence. 

Lakiha has a way of making Mike feel better

Lakiha is the third wife of Mike Tyson. They first crossed paths when Lakiha was 18. After dating on and off for a few years, Mike and Lakiha married in 2009. But their path to marital bliss was not easy. Lakiha went to jail for six months after being convicted of fraud. Upon release, she gave birth to their first child. During this time, Mike was struggling with drug addiction.


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However, with Lakiha coming into his life, things changed quickly. Mike has even admitted to the positive effects Lakiha has had in his life. Tyson has previously stated that Lakiha has a way of diverting him from bad thoughts. She distracts him from stewing in his dark thoughts by drawing his attention to other positive things. Undeniably, Mike’s life would have looked a lot different without Lakiha.


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After 14 years of marriage, Mike’s playful reference to Kiki as a witch is a testament to their unique bond and enduring love for each other. However, we want to know about your take on the matter. Let us know in the comments below.

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