“Gervonta Davis You’re a B****”: Ryan Garcia Blasts ‘The Tank’

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Boxing’s rising star Ryan Garcia has fired shots at future foe Gervonta Davis, labeling him as a “short B****”. This is a continuation of the ongoing barrage between the two rising stars.
Garcia is undefeated and has a spectacular record of (20-0). Ryan has been calling for a fight with ‘The Tank’ for quite some time, and by the looks of it, this fight might happen sooner than later.

“When he sees my skills, he’ll run away”- Ryan Garcia

“He’s a talented fighter, and he’s got OK skills. But there’s one thing that he wasn’t blessed with and that’s height. He’s never going to be able to touch me, and I don’t care about him on the inside. He’s short as f–k and he doesn’t have the reach. Whether you like it or not, he’s short as f–k. He’s not going to be able to reach me while backing up. When he sees all my skills, he’ll run away. I’m taking him down. I got some sh-t for him.” Said Garcia to fight hype

Despite his braggadocios statements, Gervonta Davis can’t be overlooked. ‘The Tank’ is renowned for agility across the ring and his 22 knockouts and undefeated record have made him boxing’s next poster boy. Despite his relatively small figure, Davis is a master at closing the distance and delivering a knockout blow. Something Ryan Garcia must beware of.

Despite the blatant call-outs, Garcia’s next opponent is likely to be Jorges Linares once the boxing calendar resumes. However, ‘The King’
hasn’t ruled out a fight with Davis in the summer.

“It might just be Gervonta Davis because if I have one more fight and one more explosive performance, he might run away like a b-tch. You hear me, Gervonta Davis because you’re a b-tch,” said Garcia.

With the war of words between the two rising stars, this is sure to make for an interesting fight.

What are your predictions for Garcia vs Davis? Let us know in the comments below!

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