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Jermell Charlo will fight Canelo Alvarez on September 30, 2023, to defend his legacy. The fight holds high stakes as it’s a battle for the undisputed status. Both fighters remain unfazed. While Canelo says he’s training hard, Charlo has also prepared thoroughly. Charlo dismisses fears of losing his “undisputed” title, rejecting the idea of following the “Mayweather effect.”

As the fight date nears, excitement builds. Charlo has made a bold statement that has fans buzzing. This isn’t just any claim as Charlo has revealed that this fight won’t be a cakewalk for ‘Cinnamon.’ Now, amid the preparation of his high-stakes fight, Charlo stirred the headlines. This is because when Jermell Charlo, a name synonymous with boxing excellence, misses a doping test, it sends shockwaves through the sporting world. Let’s unravel the tangled threads of this doping controversy involving Charlo and the World Boxing Council (WBC). Wondering if Jermell’s twin brother, Jermall, is also entangled in this doping debacle? Scroll down to find out.

Jermell Charlo doping controversy: Was elder brother Jermall also involved in missing tests?

Both Jermell and Jermall Charlo missed a WBC anti-doping test conducted by the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA). While Jermell has been the vocal one, Jermall has stayed comparatively quiet. According to a statement by the WBC, “Every single fighter who is enrolled in the WBC Clean Boxing Program is responsible for his acts.”

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Moreover, this raises the question: Are both brothers equally accountable, or is one less implicated than the other? What does the governing body of boxing have to say about this missed test? The answer might not be what you expect.

WBC’s take on Jermell Charlo’s missing drug test

The WBC was swift in addressing the missed tests by the Charlo brothers. They stated, “It is important for the WBC to clarify that both Charlos have been tested in the past and that the infraction they are facing is a missed test, which has been acknowledged and they will be responsible to pay the corresponding fine.”

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Interestingly, the WBC emphasized that neither brother has tested positive for any banned substances. If you’re under the impression that the WBC’s statement settles the matter, Jermell Charlo’s response will make you think again.

What did Jermell Charlo say on the controversial drug test?

Jermell Charlo pulled no punches when he criticized the WBC’s Clean Boxing Program. In a recent interview, he revealed his opinion of the drug test procedure for the last fight. As Charlo said, “The last fight I had with [Brian Castano] on July 17, 2021, we only drug tested one time!” Furthermore, he went on to say, “WBC, I’m mad at y’all! Because y’all said y’all a clean sport and if anybody fight for your titles, y’all are going to make sure that they are protected.”

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The doping controversy involving Jermell Charlo and the WBC has raised more questions than answers. While the WBC assures fines for the missed test, Charlo’s scathing remarks cast a shadow over the Clean Boxing Program’s efficacy. Furthermore, with Canelo fight on the verge of happening, any crucial development might cost the match. So, what’s your take? Is Jermell Charlo a casualty of a flawed system, or is there more to this story? We invite you to share your thoughts in the comments below.