“He is Mimicking Donald Trump”- Bob Arum Slams Deontay Wilder for His Recent Video

November 1, 2020 7:45 am

The much-anticipated trilogy fight between WBC champion Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder has met with a new twist as the latter has recently turned to social media, throwing some harsh words over his opponent.

After staying low key for so many months, Deontay Wilder has finally lashed at Tyson Fury, accusing him of walking away from the trilogy contest.  He put out a long clip on social media to reveal his opinion, putting the entire blame on ‘The Gypsy King’ for failing to materialize the fight. While Fury has always been adamant about getting the dates, Wilder’s team has reportedly failed to deliver one.

That said, Fury has opted to go ahead with some other contenders. Meanwhile, boxing promoter Bob Arum has also entered the mix by poising his opinion on Wilder’s recent stance and his social media post. As per Arum, Wilder is just trying to bring conspiracy theories to justify his absence from the heavyweight title ride.

Bob Arum fired heat at Deontay Wilder for demeaning Tyson Fury

While Wilder’s Instagram video has already created a lot of buzz in the boxing community, Arum couldn’t ignore the tale. During an interaction with IFL TV, Bob Arum said, “We haven’t heard a lot from Wilder. So, he is probably watching television, and all I can say about his Instagram post that he is mimicking Donald Trump.”

He added,  “In other words, lies come up with conspiracy theories. Do anything but put the blame on yourself.”

Arum also belittled Wilder for his actions after the second fight against Fury. He said, “First for him to castigate Kenny Bayless- Mr. referee and Mark Breland his chief cornerman. The way he did is disgraceful because they acted properly and they saved Wilder’s life from taking any further punishment. When he was completely out and getting thrashed by Tyson Fury.

Although Fury hasn’t responded to Wilder’s criticisms, the boxing pundits have already figured out the conclusion of the rivalry. There’s no other way until the heavyweight gladiators meet each other inside the ring, ending the rivalry for once and all.

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