“He Looks About 175”: Terence Crawford Flaunting Jacked Physique Leaves Fans Guessing His Next Move

Published 02/23/2024, 11:12 PM EST

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Terence Crawford might not have gotten the fight he so badly wanted, but he seems ready to rumble. In a recent pinch, Steven Nelson shared a picture of ‘Bud’ Crawford on social media, later shared on X by Boxing n BBQ. And it left Crawford’s fans and critics alike guessing what he will do next. However, this wasn’t his first pic that had the boxing fans talking.

Earlier this month, one of his pictures in an eccentric outfit went viral online, attracting bewildered comments from people worldwide. However, he didn’t seem to like those responses about his picture, so he gave them something new to focus on! Here’s what Boxing n BBQ said!

Is Terence Crawford now 154 or 168 lbs?


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While sharing the picture on X, the folks behind Boxing n BBQ wrote, “Bro! Is this 154 or 168 BUD????? Someone might be IN TROUBLE!” Given how adamant he is about fighting Canelo Alvarez, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if he is at 168, the same weight as Canelo. Despite the weight gain, however, he seems to be in better shape.

via Imago

The former undisputed champion showed off his new and improved physique, standing in the gym with a heavy rope around his neck. Though this doesn’t mean his conditioning is up to what the weight class demands, the picture was enough to get people talking. So, the boxing world hopped on the comment section to express their thoughts. 


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Fans start guessing game

After the tweet went live on X – people came in droves to guess what weight Crawford was on. While some guessed his weight, others guessed his next move. One user thought ‘Bud’ was 154 lbs while claiming Canelo would never fight him or David Benavidez because he was scared of losing.

Meanwhile, another user claimed Tim Tszyu stands no chance against Crawford. It’s worth mentioning that even though Tszyu is about to fight Keith Thurman, there have been talks between Crawford and Tszyu about a fight later.

Someone else suggested Crawford still looked way too small to fight Canelo Alvarez. 

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The next user thought Crawford looked 175 lbs, contemplating a fight at 154! However, it can also be at 168. 


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One user felt Crawford was at 154 while claiming Crawford may fight the winner of Thurman vs. Tszyu. It’s worth mentioning that Tszyu is fighting in super welterweight. So, that clash isn’t far-fetched. 


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While there is no clarity on who or where Crawford will fight next, his latest picture on social media has kicked off a storm of speculations among fans. However, only time will tell what happens next! Who do you think Terence Crawford will fight? 

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