“He’s Getting Old” : Mike Tyson Reacts to Viral Bob Arum Moment

Published 11/07/2021, 4:20 PM EST

Mike Tyson recently showed up at the Canelo Alvarez vs Caleb Plant ceremonial weigh-in event. After standing in between the two men during their extremely intense face-off prior to the fight, the youngest heavyweight champion then did a brief interview with Ellie Seckbach. During the interview, ESPN’s Mike Coppinger showed up and the topic of the reporter’s confrontation with Bob Arum came up.


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Coppinger had a run-in with Top-Rank top boss Bob Arum at the Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder weigh-in a few weeks back. The reporter asked Arum a question that really made the 89-year-old scream “shut the f**k up you p***k” right back at him.


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Almost instantly, this clip of Bob Arum cussing out ESPN’s boxing reporter went viral. This re-triggered a conversation around Bob Arum’s role in the promotion and in the sport at the age of 89.

The Top-Rank head has never really confronted any journalist in this fashion before. So naturally, his reaction came off as surprising to many. Mike Tyson believes Arum is growing older by the second and that his age is now interfering with his work.

He’s getting old. But, he’s still here though,” said Mike Tyson.

How did a boxing reporter infuriate Bob Arum?

During an interview after the Fury-Wilder 3 ceremonial weigh-in, Bob Arum addressed Triller’s mess-up of the mega lightweight clash between Teofimo Lopez and George Kambosos Jr.

Here’s a kid, Teofimo, who wins the fight that nobody expected him to win, and he’s on top of the world, and he hasn’t fought in over a year. That’s a criminal, criminal,” said Bob Arum.

ESPN’s Mike Coppinger then interjected the 89-year-old and decided to take an indirect shot at him. Standing a few feet away from Arum, Coppinger said, “yeah but Bob, it wouldn’t have went to purse bid if you’d have paid him what he was looking for”.

Bob Arum’s response shook many who know him well – “Shut the f**k up you little p***k.. yeah, you p***k“.

However, seeing one of the biggest boxing promoters scream out at him did not affect him. Instead, he stood his ground –

Oh yeah? Yeah? Go ahead,” said Mike Coppinger.

Eddie Hearn feels Arum has been around for far too long

After the Fury vs Wilder 3 press conference, Bob Arum broke the internet. In an interview, the 89-year-old went off on Kate Abdo. He even said “Shut the f—k up, you little pr—k!” to ESPN’s Mike Coppinger.

Soon after this interview, these clips went viral and Arum became the talk of the hour.

The very next day, Matchroom top dog Eddie Hearn shared his thoughts on Bob Arum losing his cool on camera.

In typical Hearn fashion, he kicked this off by doing a hilarious impression of his Top-Rank counterpart; he even claimed he had practiced that up to 5 times.


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Hearn said, “Bob’s great. All these people, I don’t agree with half the things that Bob says, but he’s a character. I watched the George Foreman documentary the other night and Arum’s on there and I guess he’s my age, right? And he’s like, he was doing that.”

“Like what is he even doing at 90? I mean, what’s he even doing alive? Let alone what’s he doing in the sport? But I don’t think I’ll be here at 90! If I am, mazel tov!” said Eddie Hearn.


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