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How a Tragic Death Turned Logan Paul into ‘The Maverick’

Published 06/01/2021, 1:30 PM EDT

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Logan Paul, the 26-year-old celebrity, has highly popular in the combat world. However, traditional fans have mostly criticized the YouTuber’s stance in the boxing universe.

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Well, that hasn’t stopped ‘The Maverick’ from making big moves. Despite being an irrelevant boxer in the pro ride, Paul’s global popularity has urged the combat fans to know more about his personal life. From controversies to stardom, Paul’s career has seen it all.

While he is now heading towards the boxing world, there are a few emotional incidents that might change the fans’ perception of the brashy YouTuber. One of them is his nickname, ‘The Maverick’.


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There’s a tragic incident on how Paul received the nickname. However, it is also an occurrence that has made several people praise the YouTube boxer. Here’s how Logan Paul was nicknamed ‘The Maverick’.

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Logan Paul–‘The Maverick’

In 2019, Logan Paul suffered a tragedy when his beloved long-time pet parrot Maverick died. The YouTuber, who also has a brand by the same name, shared the incident via social media. According to him, Maverick was mistaken as a rubber chicken by Paul’s pet Mastiff.

Paul posted several pictures of him alongside Maverick and paid tribute to his pet. From that point, Logan Paul decided to make ‘Maverick’ part of his name. He wrote a lengthy caption to describe his feelings over the bird. The post has over 1 million likes on Instagram, with several fans pouring their love for ‘Maverick’.


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Meanwhile, Paul’s boxing career hasn’t seen ‘The Maverick’ attain a win on a global platform. However, his other endeavors and investments have been pretty successful. Logan Paul holds lucrative merchandise by the name and is already one of the most successful young celebrities.


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Besides, his brother Jake Paul has also been a sensational figure for the boxing world. Already 3-0 as a boxer, Jake ‘The Problem Child’ Paul is making even bigger moves than his brother Logan Paul. Hence, it’s safe to predict the youngsters reigning in the combat community after their dominance in the Internet world. Even though they have several haters, Paul brothers continue to expand their wings in the roster.

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