“I Don’t Care What Anyone Says”-Floyd Mayweather Gets “Real” on Instagram

November 6, 2020 12:31 pm

Floyd Mayweather has taken to social media to give a message to all his haters. The legendary boxer has been in the news in the last few weeks for various comments he has made on the sport. This is nothing new for the former champion who has always been in the headlines. This time, however, it seems that ‘Money’ has not held back towards the criticism that has come his way.

Floyd made stern comments after the Teofimo Lopez-Vasyl Lomachenko fight; The champion voiced his opinion on the situation of the multiple belts and why he thinks there needs to be a change. However, this caused a stir in the boxing world as some fighters agreed with him, while others criticized his words.

Mayweather, who hasn’t spoken about this issue since the first comments he made, shared a message on his Instagram. It read, “I don’t care what anyone says. Good people get tired of being good to ungrateful people.”

He captioned the post with, “Real Talk!!” Who the post is directed towards still remains a mystery; however, fans could suspect that it is towards all those giving him hate for his comments.

The backlash Floyd Mayweather received for his comments

WBC president, Mauricio Sulaiman, was the first to hit back at Floyd Mayweather. Although he respected the former fighter, he basically said that Mayweather had the right to express his opinion, but there would be no change. Teofimo Lopez was another superstar who hit back at ‘Money’. Despite doing it in a sarcastic way, the newly crowned champion got his message across.

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Mayweather has never shied away from expressing his views. In the past, the former multi-weight champion has always said things bluntly to the concerned parties. This could very well be a case of ‘Money’ hitting back at his critics.

At the same time, it could also be a case of him sharing a message to his followers with no ulterior motives. Although when it’s Floyd Mayweather, you know there is some reasoning behind it. It is safe to say that the superstar is not happy with the backlash. What is your take on the same?

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