“I Don’t Think Deontay Wilder is Scared”: Tyson Fury’s Friend Offers a Unique Perspective

October 19, 2020 11:21 pm

Several speculations have been made regarding Deontay Wilder lately. The “Bronze Bomber” last fought in February 2020 and lost via a seventh-round TKO against Tyson Fury. Wilder was entitled to a rematch; however, he has been silent. Only his teammates have spoken on behalf of him. As per “The Gypsy King,” Wilder’s team did not want the fight to take place in December. And that did not sit well with Fury.

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After Wilder’s rematch clause expired, Fury moved on from the match. He is now looking for a new opponent on December 5. Recently, the WBO super-middleweight champion and Tyson Fury’s close friend, Billy Joe Saunders, weighed in on the situation.

“Well look, it’s sorta one of them where Tyson [Fury], I was speaking with Tyson, he just wanna stay active. So, I’m sure that he’s gonna get well paid in December, but it’s not really about money, considering his last purse.

“But when you’re talking about fighters getting 25 and 30 million off TV companies with no gates, no sellout crowds, you know some of [the] tickets at that fight could be five to ten grand per ticket. So, it’s very hard for everyone just to go, ‘Oh! We wanna see the fight. Let’s make it happen. You know, let’s all jump in the ring.’ It’s not as easy as that. I don’t think Deontay Wilder is scared,” Billy Joe Saunders told IFL TV.

Money prevents Deontay Wilder from fighting Tyson Fury, claims Billy Joe Saunders

Saunders also said that Deontay Wilder is not afraid of Fury. He believes that Wilder is not fighting because of COVID-19 restrictions. Why? Well, if Deontay Wilder fights in an empty arena, he might lose a lot of money since there is no live gate.

“But I think he knows he can’t win. I don’t think he’s scared of Tyson, but I think he knows… ‘I can’t deal with this man. My money is not what it is. You’re probably gonna cut me somewhere here, so I am just gonna leave it and wait till I get my full pay,’ ” Saunders added.

Moreover, Saunders said that Tyson Fury does not bend to anyone’s will.

“Just let me say this, Tyson Fury is the Golden Man in boxing. He fights who he wants to fight, end of it. It does not matter who the fans want… It doesn’t matter who the promoters want, it’s who Tyson Fury wants.”

Contrary to Saunders’ opinion, Anthony Joshua’s promoter, Eddie Hearn, feels that Wilder is scared to fight Fury and Joshua. Hearn put Wilder and his team on blast for not providing clarity.

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