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“I Knocked Out Tons of Police”: Viral Boxing Match Between Cop and Man Becomes Internet’s Latest Hot Topic

Published 03/19/2023, 10:00 PM EDT

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The world has witnessed several title fights and sparring videos of world champions but the recent match between a cop and a civilian on the street has become the talk of the town. The video of this slugfest has stormed the internet. Amazingly, without a ring, and referee, the duo put on a showdown in the daylight that is nothing but admirable.

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Cop in a black uniform, with gloves on, locked horns with the civilian. The chemistry between them shows that there was no bad blood. They mutually agreed to test their boxing skills. A page named ‘shockingboxing’ shared this fight on Instagram.

When fans came across this, they could not stop themselves from sharing their remarks. Interestingly, the set of skills the man put forth against the cop was admirable. It certainly deserves a word of appreciation.

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The Fan's Perspective

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How did fans react to a boxing match between a civilian and a cop?

The boxing match between the cop and the civilian took place in a parking lot. Most of the boxing fans praised the civilian for being an artful dodger.

Von lone wrote, “Interesting dodging mechanic.” Certainly, it is. The civilian’s head moment in the video is commendable. He is dodging punches as if he is a professional fighter. His head moment while shifting backward is praiseworthy. The cop unleashed a flurry of punches and hardly any of them connected.
Here is how the fans reacted:
Peterlucs wrote, “That fake to left hook at the beginning was 🔥.”
Aidanrt7 wrote, “He had a chance to square up with a cop and all he did was turtle lame af.”
Diego.p8 wrote, “Good thing it’s boxing, if it was a street fight a kick or knee would get the job done.”
Blakflake wrote, “I knocked out tons of police REAL RAP in Washington DC , but everytime I would ask them to put the gloves on with me they would instantly say no lol… He living a dream fight and losing.”
Whyyouhatek2 wrote, “I thought I was trippin but it seem like he watching they shadows.”
Reallysixfigures wrote, “He wasn’t connecting.”
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What do you think of this particular street boxing bout? Let us know in the comments below.



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